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Support for residents to help stop climate change

To stop climate change we all need to reduce the emissions produced in our lives. There are many ways we can do this, but it is not always clear how we can start to reduce our emissions. 

There is s a large amount of support available to help to reduce emissions, including finanical support, training and advice available for people and businesses. 

Financial support



Sustainability courses

Protecting nature

Young people

Information and advice

  • Grants for rented homes

    Several grants for home improvements are available for rented properties. The exact eligibility of grants varies so it is best to check eligibility if you rent.

  • Help available for business owners in Blackpool

    Advice, guidance and support for businesses to stop climate change can be accesses on the sustainability support for businesses page.

  • Benefits of reducing emissions

    Reducing emissions is essential to stopping climate change. To achieve lower emissions we need to improve the efficiency of our homes, that can lower the price of bills we pay for heating and electricity, reduce travel with internal combustion vehicles, that will give less polluted air to breath and protect our natural environment, that will make Blackpool a nicer place to live for everyone.

  • How to do more to stop climate change

    There are many actions an individual can do to help stop climate change, advice of actions can be found in the green guides section, or further local opportunities can be found on the sustainable communities page.