There is a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in place within the Blackpool town centre area.

This prevents the following activities from taking place within the town centre:

  • Consumption of alcohol in a public place (Street drinking)
  • Sale of "rag mags" (not affecting sales of The Big Issue, registered newspaper sellers or traders with written permission from Blackpool Council)
  • Sale of lucky charms and heather
  • The use of psychoactive substances (known as legal highs)
  • Loitering around cash machines/shop entrances as a means of enticing money
  • Engaging youth in card tricks as a means of appropriating money

Fixed penalty notice

An authorised person (constable, police community support officer or a person authorised in writing by Blackpool Council) may issue a fixed penalty notice of up to £100 if these orders are breached.


The town centre area covers North Pier, Talbot Square, Springfield Road to Blackpool North Train Station, Buchanan Street, George Street, King Street, Adelaide Street, Albert Road, Central Drive, Chapel Street, Central Pier and Promenade to North Pier.

The map below is given as a guideline to the area.

Other PSPOs in consultation

Arnold Avenue

  • Arnold Ave PSPO [PDF 145 KB]
  • First Avenue PSPO Non Key Decision [PDF 100KB]

Charnley Road

  • Charnley Road PSPO [PDF 158 KB]
  • Charnley Road PSPO Non Key Decision [PDF 100 KB]

Penrose Avenue

  • Penrose Ave 1 PSPO [PDF 147 KB]
  • Penrose Ave 1 PSPO Non Key Decision [PDF 100 KB]

Reporting breaches

Breaching the Public Space Protection Order is a criminal offence. You can report any breaches at or by telephone at 01253 478410.

View Blackpool Council's Public Spaces Protection Order.