Exercise class descriptions

Last Modified May 31, 2018

exercise class studio at Moor Park

Ab Blast

Targeting the abdominal muscles, this class aims to strengthen your core and trim your waistline, increasing your stability and giving you the abs you’ve always wanted.  


Aqua Fit

Tone and sculpt your body without impacting on your joints in this fun high energy, low impact shallow water workout designed to increase your stamina and strength.


Body Combat

Punch and kick you way to fitness in this high energy class, learning moves inspired by a variety of different martial arts improve your stamina and de-stress your body and mind.


Body Pump

The original barbell class, designed to sculpt, tone and strengthen your body; low weights and high repetitions help to improve your stamina and strengthen your muscles.


Boot Camp

A fast paced class using short bursts of different exercises to improve your agility, strength and stamina; push that extra mile to get lean and feel mean! 


Box Fit

Get fighting fit with this low impact, high-energy workout, incorporating pad work, weights and circuit training it will help you tone muscles, burn fat and fight stress. 



Using a mixture of strength and aerobic activity’s in short bursts, this fast paced class will improve your strength and stamina  whilst burning plenty of calories.



Turn your work out into a night out; simple fun dance routines to club anthems helping to build stamina, tone muscles and de-stress your body and mind.


Core and More

Targeting the abdominal muscles if a fun way using core balls and hula hoops, this class will help to strengthen your core as well as burn calories.


Deep Aqua Blast

All the benefits of running but with less impact on the body; this deep water class (floatation belts provided) will increase your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen muscles and joints


Feel Good Circuits

Get in line, it’s circuits time; pairing a line dancing warm up with a traditional circuit class to help improve stamina and burn calories.


Feel Good Fitness

A low intensity chair based workout using weights, it is ideal for those who are less mobile or new to exercise and will improve your stamina and strengthen your muscles.


Fitness Yoga

Yoga for fitness poses will work your entire body, burn fat, and tone muscle. Include these poses into your daily routine for overall improvements in strength and fitness.


Gently Does It

A low intensity workout, this fun and friendly class is perfect for you if you are new to exercise or are less mobile and will help to develop strength, flexibility and stamina.



High Intensity Interval Training uses intense bursts of exercise with brief recovery periods to kick your metabolism into overdrive, burning calories both during and after exercise.



This max interval training class uses plyometric drills to push you to your limit and beyond to increase your aerobic fitness level whilst toning and sculpting your muscles.



The ultimate momentum based workout will help you increase muscular strength without adding bulk, using traditional Russian weights to swing, squat and lunge your way to fitness . 



Blending strength and flexibility training, this class uses low impact conditioning exercises with controlled breathing to increase strength, flexibility and fitness.  



The speed and agility of Boxing, the sculpting and flexibility of Pilates and high energy dance moves all combine to tone muscles whilst burning fat and increasing cardiovascular fitness.



Ride towards fitness in this stationary cycling class; a high intensity work out keeping your legs pumping whilst working your heart and lungs; burn fat and build lean strong muscles.


Thighs, Bums and Tums

Focus on your lower body with this low impact aerobics session; using toning exercises, this class will work your heart and lungs, strengthen your core and define lower body muscles.



An ancient form of exercise focusing on strength, flexibility and breathing to improve you rang of movement and flexibility, tone muscles and aid relaxation.



Feel the rhythm and lose yourself in the Latin beats in the original dance fitness party class; this class will help to build stamina, sculpt muscles and energise your body and mind.


Zumba Gold

Designed especially for older adults or those with lower mobility, this class uses traditional Zumba moves modified to a lower intensity allowing you to work at your own pace.


They include the new category’s:

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Calorie Burn


Strength and Toning


Mind and Body


Water Workout