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Last Modified April 05, 2018


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Learning to swim is one of the biggest milestones of your child’s early years, with most of us able to remember the first time we swam independently and the sense of achievement we felt. This is the feeling that awaits your little one as they begin their journey on our Learn 2 Swim programme. 

As the parent or carer of a child enrolled on our programme the motivation is a little more serious, with water safety being one of the main reasons for wanting your child to swim and, more importantly, swim well.

Whether it is safety or self-achievement, there’s no doubt swimming is a fantastic, fun filled activity that your child can take part in now and for the rest of their life. It truly is an investment in their future.

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About the changes we have made

For a number of years the learn to swim programme has been operating during term time only with breaks at Christmas, Easter and Summer in line with the Blackpool Primary schools core academic calender. From November 2016 we are extending the Learn to swim programme to 50 weeks per year with a two week break in the programme for Christmas.

Booking swimming lessons

To book swimming lessons, your child would need to be registered with a Blackpool Leisure Card.  If not already, you can register at any of our leisure centres by providing proof of date of birth for your child.  Once registered, you can book a space by visiting the leisure centre that you wish to attend and completing the relevant booking paperwork and making payment.

Payment options

 Direct Debit:

  • £19.00 per month.
  • Securing your child’s place, your child will automatically move from one stage to the next until they reach and complete Level 7. There is no risk of them losing their place on the lessons and you won’t have to queue up every half term to rebook your child’s space.
  • We are giving everyone who pays by Direct Debit two free lessons each year – 50 weeks for the price of 48 weeks.
  • Free swimming for your child to any public swimming sessions. This is an ideal time to put into practice what they have learned in their weekly lesson.
  • Every child whose lessons are paid via direct debit will receive unlimited free casual swimming throughout the course of their lessons.  This equates to £130 if your child uses this once a week.
  • Access to the Learn 2 Home Portal. There’s no need to try and catch the teacher for a quick 5 minute update on your child’s progress as you can check at anytime, anywhere after each lesson simply by logging on using your child’s leisure card number.


Advanced block payments:

  • Advanced payment of 10 lessons at £4.75 per lesson cost's £47.50
  • Regular advanced payments will need to be made at reception, booking hotline or via the home portal in order to secure your place in the group.
  • Registration on the home portal will be required to ensure you are sent email reminders when you have 3, 2 and 1 swimming lessons remaining.
  • On the last day of the last lesson if the top up has not been made your place will no longer be secured and could be taken by another swimmer.


More about the Learn 2 Home Portal


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As a parent it is often difficult to gain access to the swimming teachers once they are on poolside and it can be difficult to know exactly where they are up to in the stages.

As part of the changes we are making we will be introducing a new Learn2 software which is a Swim England endorsed solution that allows parents greater insight into the Swim England award scheme criteria and how well your child is progressing against the award outcomes.

Our Swim Teachers will be starting to use Tablets on poolside to record attendance and also update your child's progress within the stages. Once the swimming lesson has been completed this data will be upload and available to be viewed by the parents online through the Home Portal.

Additionally you will receive notification emails as soon as your child has completed any of the awards and when your child is ready to progress onto the next stage.

From the home portal you will be able to look at the available classes and change days, times or teachers and change classes at the touch of a button.

In preparation for these changes please ensure that your current email is registered on your child's leisure card information as this will be needed to log in to the Home portal.


Home Portal


Log in to you home portal http://webbookings.blackpool.gov.uk/HomePortal/

Group and private sessions

Sport Blackpool offer group lessons and individual one to one lessons. It is up to you which option you choose but there will be differences in price. It will also depend on your child as to what method of delivery will enable them to thrive.

Group lessons offer children another opportunity to increase their social interaction with different children that they do not necessarily go to school with and to learn and develop from.

One to one lessons can be useful where there is a specific skill or outcome that they are finding difficult.

There are guidelines for the number of children who should be in a group so you can ensure that your child will get all of the attention that they require from the class instructor. 


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