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Acknowledgement of risk

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Acknowledgement of risk – Activity consent- Medical disclosure form


It should be recognised that ‘Outdoor Revolution’ will take all reasonable steps to prevent the transfer of CV to its staff and customers, there will always be a risk that an infected person visits the site and either through aerosol action or smear infection, transfers the virus to others.

Our customers should be made aware of this and make their own decision given their specific circumstances whether this small residual risk is one they are willing to take. The residual risk should be no greater than in many other public spaces and facilities that are already open or will re-open in the coming months.

The ‘acknowledgement of risk’ and ‘activity consent’

a) If you are unsure of any aspect of completing the form you should not fill this in online.
Please email; or visit the centre to clarify any points that may be unclear, or If you have any impairments that can affect your completion of the form online

b) Person/s with impairments may need specialised course access set up’s for bespoke use. Please enquire via our email before proceeding with your booking, our booking adviser will be more than happy to help with the enquiry

Acknowledgement of risk

There will always be some risk involved in any type of type of adventurous activity and indeed the benefits of the activity can be nullified if these rules were removed. ‘Outdoor Revolution’ offers aerial adventures in a controlled risk environment.

‘The risk’ of our activities can be physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. We consider these risks to be low and reasonable. Our ‘challenge by choice’ approach endeavours to ensure participation in any of the activities is always at the participant’s discretion, with the acknowledgement and acceptance of possible risk of injury, loss, or damage to personal belongings.

Risk management guidelines and participant safety briefs will be actioned during operations by the service provider ‘Outdoor Revolution’ to limit these risks, loss or damage.

The above ‘acknowledgement of risk’ does not absolve ‘Outdoor Revolution’ of its duty of care and other legal responsibilities.

Participants are covered by the company’s insurance in the highly unlikely event of negligence by one of its employees.

‘Personal accident’ and ‘loss or damage’ of belongings is not insured

For all our outdoor activities staff, the relevant training, accredited body and/or national governing body qualifications are held and monitored internally and externally on a periodical basis.

Course activity booking information

Low ropes minimum

Age 5yrs+ / Maximum weight limit 100kg - 15.7 Stone / Medical approval - consent

Low ropes and high ropes

Minimum age 8yrs+ / Maximum weight limit 100kg – 15.7 Stone / Medical approval – consent

Low ropes, high ropes and zip wire

Minimum age 8yrs+ / Maximum weight limit 100kg – 15.7 Stone / Medical approval – consent

Mole hole caving

Minimum age 5yrs+ / Maximum weight limit 120kg - 18.8 Stone / Medical approval – consent

Team building activities

Minimum age 5yrs+ / Maximum weight limit 120kg - 18.8 Stone / Medical approval – consent


Minimum age 8yrs+ / Maximum weight limit 130kg – 20.4 Stone / Medical approval – consent


Minimum age 8yrs+ / Maximum weight limit 115kg – 18.1 Stone / Medical approval – consent

Safety Information before you visit us

e) All footwear should have a protected toe area ‘No sandals’ or ‘open fronted ‘shoes.
f) Jewellery such as necklaces should be removed or ensured they are not worn ‘outside’ of any clothing to prevent entrapment during activities. Rings should be taped up or removed prior to your visit to prevent any ‘de-gloving’ injuries.
g) All pockets should be emptied prior to the activity to prevent collision injury or damage to any personal belongings. Long hair should be tied back to prevent any entrapment in equipment.
h) Please ensure the correct outerwear is worn for the day’s environmental conditions.
i) Please ensure personal belongings are not brought on site if all the group are accessing the course, our High Ropes staff are not able to handle and store due to COVID – 19 restrictions.


I have read the ‘‘acknowledgement of risk statement’, ‘course activity booking Information ‘, ‘safety information’ and accept these risks for ‘myself or others’.
I accept that neither the operating company nor its employees shall be liable in the event of accident, loss or damage arising through any personal actions outside of the companies risk management procedures.

To be completed by participants 18yrs + or parents and guardians authorising activity consent.

Please ensure all medical conditions or recent injuries are disclosed on our medical disclosure form with full clinician approval to participate in our listed activities.

Complete The Acknowledgement Of Risk