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Individual bouldering

Induction assessments

Bouldering inductions are suitable for anyone aged 14+ 

14 years to 17 years

Experienced and competent young people aged 14 to 17 may be registered and allowed to use the centre unsupervised when they have fulfilled assessment criteria below and have appropriate parent consent. For 14 and 15 year olds, the parent/guardian should be present during the assessment or acknowledge that they have seen the bouldering area and are aware of the nature of the activity. 

  • Bouldering induction assessment 14 years to 17 years


Ages 18 years +

Adults can boulder unsupervised on completion of the centre induction assessment and completion of the acknowledgements of risk declarations.

Climbing inductions are for those aged 18+ and are an assessment of your competency to climb unsupervised. Please review the criteria below used in the assessments.

If you are not confident in your ability to pass the climbing induction assessment, please take the time to gain further confidence and experience before undertaking the induction assessment, or book into an adult pay and play course session to climb supervised by instructors in order to gain the confidence and experience.

  • Adult bouldering induction assessment


We are now operating with the latest ‘GRIPTONITE’ climbing software technology in both our Climbing Wall and Bouldering Wall.

Climbers can now:

• Log and track all your climbs

• Compare against yourself, your friends, or even the professionals !


Available to download


Bouldering guests

In order to bring up to two novice guests aged 5+ to the bouldering wall, you must have already passed the induction assessment for Bouldering and should submit the Bouldering Wall novice guest form to register your guests.

Before you complete the form, your guests will need to have a leisure card or membership which they will need to Sign up for online or Book a tour appointment with a membership advisor

When you have submitted the relevant guest form, we will then confirm once each guest has the relevant permission to climb with you added to their leisure card or membership. Guests will only be granted access once their permission has been added, and only if you are with them. Your guests will be charged for their attendance, however if they have a health and fitness membership they can boulder as your guest as part of their membership at no additional cost.


Bouldering Wall Guests

Children aged 5 to 8 years: Children must always be supervised by a ‘non climbing’ registered climbing adult 18 years or over.                           

Children aged 8 to 17 years: Must always be supervised by a registered climbing adult 18 years or over.

Adults 18 years or over: Non registered adults must always be supervised by the registered adult 18 years or over.

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