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Diabetic Study


Active Blackpool are looking for approximately 100 prediabetic and diabetic participants to take part in an exercise study.

Participation in the 12 week study is free, however participants:

  • Are restricted to the exercise prescribed in the study at either Blackpool Sports Centre or Moor Park Health and Leisure Centre
  • Must record their activity on a mobile app
  • Exercise approximately 2 hours per week for the study period
  • Complete some short surveys
  • Have some non-evasive body measurements taken at the beginning and end of the study
  • If selected, you will be emailed by us detailing how to contact your GP surgery to book a HbA1c test for January (before the study start) and for May (at the end of the study). You will be required to provide the study with your HbA1c result and let us know if you are controlling your diabetes through prescribed medication or insulin at both the beginning and end of the study.

Any data collated will be made anonymous when recorded for the study.

Your GP practice should have referred you to this page if your average blood glucose level is between 6.0 mmol/L and 13.8 mmol/L (equivalent to HbA1c between 42 and 89 mmol/mol [or 6.5 -10.3%]). If this is the case we invite you to apply for a place on the study by completing the Diabetic Study Application by 1 January.

Please note the following provisional timetable which you will be required to undertake, if selected for a place on the study:

Study date schedule
Dates conducted Description Duration
1 to 14 February Welcome session induction appointment and online survey 60 minutes
15 February to 19 May Study training period 12 weeks
10 - 16 May End of study appointment and online survey 15 minutes

Full study consent forms will be emailed to you if you are selected for a place on the study.