Where does my waste go?

What happens to your waste?

Blackpool Council disposes of all your waste through waste treatment plants which are based in Thornton and Farington, Leyland. 

This is done in partnership with Lancashire County Council and the district councils. This helps us to recycle, compost and recover as much waste as possible, preventing it from going to landfill. 

Blackpool's current recycling rate is 41.1%.  This is our best yet so a big thank you to all the recycling residents of Blackpool.

So how does it work?

 Domestic waste stream process

The Waste Treatment Plant Process

Once the waste reaches the waste treatment plants the recyclable material and the organic waste need to be separated so that as little of our waste as possible ends up in landfill. Watch the short clips below to see how that works.

The Material Recovery Facility or MRF process all the materials you put in your blue wheeled bin and brown sack.

 The Mechanical Biological Treatment facility process