We’re ready to do something different. In the past we’ve had the resources to support people with health and care issues by providing services to them. Now,we’re thinking about how we can create the right conditions for those in less need to find support and strength in other ways, becoming less reliant on our help and more in control.

Key challenges

There are a number of key challenges to creating a stronger community in Blackpool.

  • High rates of Looked After Children
  • Low GCSE achievement
  • Poor life expectancy
  • High levels of alcohol and substance misuse
  • High levels of teenage pregnancy
  • Domestic violence
  • Mental health

Key community projects

We need to do is to listen more through things like the Council Couch, and use what you tell us to change what we do. We’ll introduce neighbourhood navigators to help bring our services closer to you. Once we’ve based more of our care services in local neighbourhoods, people will be better prepared to help themselves. This will feel different - you’ll be able to have real involvement in decisions, not just commenting on what we do but shaping and directing the support we give.

  • Asset-based community development bringing people together through the arts café, food growing and farm scheme
  • Improving access to community activities
  • Reducing isolation through creation of neighbourhood navigators to help the isolated access activities

Key health projects

We need to do is take action to help people get healthier, both mentally and physically. We’ll give people a nudge in the right direction by restrictions on unhealthy activities like smoking – making our attractions smoke free and restricting young people’s access to tobacco - and getting more people a health check to help them understand the changes they need to make.

  • New active health referral programme 
  • Improved wellness service
  • More people accessing NHS Health Checks
  • Healthier Catering Award scheme

Key safeguarding projects

We want everyone in our community to feel supported and safe, and need to concentrate on vulnerable children and adults above everything else.

  • Adult and Children’s Safeguarding Boards
  • Increase number of foster carers
  • Wider “Corporate Parent” offer for Looked After Children

Key social care projects

Social care is our way of supporting individuals and communities where they need extra help to live a good life. It’s there to meets people’s needs when they can’t be met by their families, friends, and volunteers, to get and keep people back home if they’ve been in hospital, or to provide residential care if their needs are best met through this route.

  • Better Care Fund programme
  • Integration of health and social care
  • Support for people to manage their own care
  • Ensuring quality non-residential land residential care
  • Neighbourhood-centred models of care based on local need

Key projects for young people

By looking at  a widespread of issues, we can ensure that children get the best start in life, making sure that they’re well placed to contribute to the stronger communities we want to create in the future. A key time for young people’s development is adolescence, and the Head Start project will give 10-14 year olds across Blackpool some ways of coping with this challenging time, helping them live a happy life and giving them a better chance of achieving academically.

  • Implement Centre for Early Child Development
  • Implement Head Start programme
  • Continue the free breakfasts scheme
  • Increase number of pupils attending “good” or“outstanding” schools
  • Improve pupil attainment and the standard of secondary education