Priority two - Communities: Creating stronger communities and increasing resilience

Health and social care

  • A new approach to delivering stop smoking services in the town
  • Plant more trees and make more green, open spaces where we can
  • Continue to help people to access drug and alcohol services as soon as possible to help bring about more positive outcomes


  • Reduce the numbers of children in foster care by improving the social care system 
  • Work with lots of different services across Blackpool to help keep children and adults safe by giving more support to families that need it

Young people

  • Continue to run the Better Start services which improve the life chances for 0-3 year olds.
  • Improve the experiences of young people in our services by working more closely with other services such as the NHS and schools
  • Have family hubs in the local neighbourhoods to help people come together, make new friends and support each other 
  • Help schools to bring about changes that will lead to better GCSE results

Increasing resilience

  • Continue to support the HeadStart Resilience Revolution which is helping to improve young people’s mental health
  • Improving the coordination of volunteers across the town
  • More work with private landlords to make sure that rented homes are of a good quality
  • Bring together charities and local services such as the NHS, police and council to help build better community services in people’s local area