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Active lives strategy consultation

Blackpool Council is developing a range of approaches to tackling the underlying causes of poor health and promoting healthier lives

Examples include:

  • Linking GPs to social prescribing alternatives for patients to improve their health and wellbeing and reduce social isolation; debt counselling
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Living Streets “Walk to” projects in primary schools and workplaces

Active Blackpool manages leisure services and wider physical activity programmes on behalf of the council.

In 2017, Blackpool Council was the first local authority in England to sign a Local Authority Declaration on Healthy Weight. The Declaration includes a commitment to make the most of planning and infrastructure opportunities to positively impact on physical health.

Despite this, Blackpool is already a relatively active borough. The essence of the Active Lives Strategy relates to ambition and collaboration that will increase participation, particularly amongst young people and people living in deprivation, with a view to measurably improving the physical activity levels of Blackpool residents.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of physical activity and the clear impact this has on mental health and wellbeing.

This is a 10-year vision accompanied by specific objectives that apply to the 5-year period to 2025.

It is designed to inform and shape sport/physical activity planning, delivery and inclusion of key council departments and partner agencies.

This will be achieved via coordinated delivery of key services and interventions, improving the overall living environment, creating local opportunity, assisting those who need specific support and enabling people to help themselves.

Blackpool Active Lives Strategy – Objectives

  • Corporate leadership to lead, deliver and coordinate facilities, opportunities, partnerships and proactive development work that drive increases in active lifestyles – based on ambitions which are stated, explicit, fully understood, embedded, championed and led by BC. (To embed whole system change/improvement ensuring that the work of all agencies, council departments, projects and programmes in the town is coordinated so as to offer equality of opportunity with regard to physical activity, sport and wellbeing - to all residents)
  • Increased levels of (all) young people’s participation in physical activity/sport Aim: To deliver a measurable increase in the number and proportion of young people who participate in sport/physical activity and the frequency with which they do so
  • Increased levels of (all) adult participation in physical activity/sport. Aim: To deliver a measurable increase in the number and proportion of adults (18+) who participate in sport/physical activity and the frequency with which they do so
  • Achieve equitable levels of participation among key targeted groups. Aim: To deliver comparable measured increases in sustained participation in sport/physical activity among people who live in the town’s most deprived areas
  • Improve third and voluntary sport sector contribution to strategy delivery to build the capacity and improve the coordination of work undertaken with other public sector agencies and those in the third and voluntary sports sectors
  • Ensure that optimum use is made of sport/physical activity facilities to deliver sustainable, accessible, high quality facilities to accommodate and support the drive to increase participation in sport and active recreation leading to more people having more active lives in the borough
  • Evaluate achievement via effective performance measurement to effectively and consistently measure, analyse, evaluate, learn from and improve Strategy implementation and delivery


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