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Active travel consultation

Blackpool is currently undergoing a £1billion regeneration scheme. As part of the programme, the council aims to create more job opportunities, better transport, more modern streets and a better place to shop, eat, stay and enjoy. Investing in the town’s future – making Blackpool better.    

To help generate a brighter place to live and work, a £312,000 bid from Central Government's Active Travel Fund, which focuses on improving walking and cycling facilities along key routes, will allow the council to implement a new cycle scheme on the A587 St Walburgas Road.  

The proposed new cycle lanes will run between Plymouth Road roundabout and Four Lanes End roundabout with the aim of creating a safer space for cyclists. This will ultimately reduce traffic and parking demand, as well as promote cleaner air and improved health.  

A public consultation is now live for you to have your say on the proposed new cycle lanes. 

Proposed changes 

  • New segregated cycle lanes will be provided along the northbound and southbound route of St Walburgas Road. The cycle lanes will be segregated from vehicles by bollards to protect cyclists 

  • The limited existing on-road cycle lanes which are currently without physical segregation will be replaced by the segregated route   

  • To enable the segregated route to be provided, 24 hour no parking restrictions will be implemented along the entire length of the cycle lanes 

  • A new toucan crossing to help pedestrians and cyclists cross St Walburgas Road safely will be provided outside St Mary’s Catholic Academy 

  • A one-way entrance and exit will be implemented at the southerly end of Brendan Walk. The access at the northerly end of Brendan walk (Plymouth Road roundabout) will be permanently closed. This will create a safer corridor for cyclists along St Walburga’s Road 

What won’t change

  • Vehicle manoeuvering in and out of side roads and driveways will be unaffected by the proposals. Bollards will stop at junctions and driveways 

  • Access to all driveways will be maintained  

  • Existing zebra crossing at Four Lanes End roundabout will remain the same   

If the consultation is successful, the council will aim to build the scheme in the winter months (after the Illuminations) aiming to open the new cycle facility for Easter 2022. 

The scheme will not interfere with bin collections, as wagons as well as emergancy vehicles will be able to pull next to the segregated cycle defenders for short periods while allowing traffic to continue along St Walburgas Road. The council has also proposed to maintain the current two lanes of traffic on the approach to Four Lane Ends and Plymouth Road roundabout to alleviate any congestion issues. 

The majority of St Walburgas Road already has 24 hours parking restrictions in place. However, defenders will be positioned to allow gaps for driveways, bus stops, junctions and access points. 

The scheme is currently undergoing consultation and a decision whether or not to proceed will be based on the data received back by all residents and stakeholders. 

If you’d like to have your say on the new plans, please take part in our public survey, which will run until 27 August 2021. 

There will also be two online focus group on the following dates – more details to follow: 

  • Tuesday 3 August – 6.30pm to 7.30pm 

  • Tuesday 10 August – 6.30pm to 7.30pm 

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