Results of dog control PSPO consultation

Following a public consultation, a new set of dog control measures has been agreed.


The consultation was carried out between Tuesday 31 July and Tuesday 25 September 2018 to canvass views from residents and visitors on implementing a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for dog control.

Following the introduction of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, this brought in more enforcement powers, including replacing existing Dog Control Orders.

The council wants to encourage responsible dog ownership and ensure that residents continue to be protected by dog control orders.

Reasons we consulted on implementing a PSPO

The PSPO will help to protect our parks and open spaces against irresponsible dog owners who do not pick up after, or control, their dogs properly. It should help the following:

  • Reduce dog fouling
  • Better control of dogs in public areas
  • Encourage responsible dog ownership
  • Educate and enforce where necessary

Consultation outcome 

The council received more than 1,600 responses to the consultation and after careful consideration, has agreed on a revised set of dog control orders across the resort. The measures to be adopted within the new Public Space Protection Orders include:

  • Dog walkers being required to show they have the means to pick up dog mess when challenged by authorised officers. This measure received overwhelming support from dog owners (81%) and non-dog walkers (85%) and was viewed as a strong deterrent to change the behaviour of irresponsible dog owners
  • Extension of an existing order for dogs on leads to include Promenade Middle Walk, Starr Gate tram circle and South Promenade grass embankment. In addition, Cabin Walk will be designated as an area for dogs on leads by request.
  • Relaxation of the dogs on leads order that exists in the Italian Gardens and Café Terrace in Stanley Park so that this becomes a seasonal restriction from 10.00am-4.00pm from May 1 to August 31
  • Lifting of restrictions for dog exclusion areas at open space ponds and wetlands and replaced with dogs on leads by request. Dogs will not be excluded from marked out sports pitches except when in use
  • Continuation of the existing dogs on leads by request rule on all land within the borough

Following the consultation process, a proposal to limit the number of dogs walked by 1 person to 4 will not be pursued, nor will a recommendation to make non-microchipped dogs remain on a lead in any public space as there is already national legislation in place for compulsory microchipping.

It has also been decided that the possible imposition of a minimum age that a child or young person can walk a dog required greater consideration and will therefore not go ahead at this time. 

The council has also agreed to meet regularly with representatives of dog owner action groups and other interested parties to support local dog walkers and address issues related to irresponsible dog walkers. 

Dogs on leads - Year round

In certain areas dogs must be kept on a lead. This applies to:
  • All public roads including, pavements, footways, alleyways and ginnels, whether adopted or unadopted, whether gated or ungated within the administrative area of Blackpool Borough Council
  • Public open space areas, parks, recreation/amenity areas, gardens as described below
    • All cemeteries and churchyards
    • All car parks
    • Tram tracks and adjacent footpaths
    • Promenade between North and South Piers, being the open areas of land from the carriageway and or tram tracks and the beach
    • Jubilee Gardens, Gynn Square
    • Cenotaph, adjacent to North Pier
    • Marton Mere Local Nature Reserve
    • Fylde Memorial Arboretum, Moor Park Avenue
    • South Promenade tram track grass embankments
    • Starr Gate tram loop
    • George Bancroft Park

Dogs on lead - Seasonal

Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times between 1 May and 31 August between 10.00am and 4.00pm 
  • Stanley Park Italian Gardens and cafe terrace

Dogs not permitted - Year round

Blackpool already has a number of areas where dogs are not permitted.
If you allow your dog to enter one of these areas you could face a fine of up to £100.
Dogs are excluded from selected areas as follows.
  • All fenced children's play areas
  • All multi use games (MUGAs), play adventure, athletics, trampoline areas or arenas
  • All ball courts, including tennis, basketball and netball courts
  • All BMX and skate parks areas or arenas
  • All bowling greens, pitch and putt and crazy golf areas or arenas
  • To enter the water in Stanley Park Boating lake, Stanley Park ornamental ponds and Marton Mere Lake
  • The playing area of all marked sports pitches when in use
  • Some areas of Stanley Park, as detailed above and shown on map below

Dogs not permitted - Seasonal

Dogs are not permitted at any time between 1 May and 30 September in the following areas

  • The areas of the beach, including all steps, slades and footways, from North Pier and the area opposite the Solaris Centre known as the Mirror Ball

Next steps

The PSPO was agreed to be implemented. It will be enforced from 1 December 2018

Stanley Park - Dog control areas