Review of short breaks provision for disabled children and their families

What was is this review about?

Blackpool Council are required as part of the range of services they provide for families to provide breaks for carers of disabled children; in order to support carers to continue to care for their children at home and allow them to do so more effectively.

Why is a review necessary?

Blackpool Council needs to review the arrangements for supporting carers of disabled children to ensure that they continue to meet statutory requirements

  • To ensure that when making short break provision the council have regard to the needs of different types of care, not just those who would be unable to continue to provide care without a break
  • To provide a range of breaks, as appropriate, during the day, night, at weekends and during school holidays
  • To provide parents with a short breaks services statement detailing the range of available breaks and any eligibility criteria attached to them

What is the scope of the review?

To consider and explore the extent to which:

  • There is sufficient capacity and demand for short break provision, taking into account the needs of families
  • The present delivery models are suitable
  • There are any opportunities for any different delivery models
  • Services are available and accessible fairly across Blackpool
  • The Better Start ethos and principles are embedded  in all early years' service delivery
  • Services are supporting the transition towards adult services
  • Any eligibility and access criteria for short break services are applied and how services are accessed


  • Consult with parents and engage with parents as part of the review and design process
  • Consult with key partners including providers of short break services, special schools, forums, NHS and wider workforce

How to provide your feedback

Blackpool Council wants to gather views and experiences on short breaks services. Parents and carers can complete an online survey by 1 July 2018

Consultation event

Parents and carers are also invited to a consultation event on Wednesday 27 June 2018 – 3.30pm at Park Community Academy, 158 Whitegate Drive, Blackpool, FY3 9HF

There will be an opportunity to give views to council officers

Review timescale

The review will commence during May 2018 and aims to be concluded by September 2018.

If any changes or proposals are recommended as a result of the review, further consultation will then take place and views will be taken into account. The review will be undertaken by Blackpool Council's commissioning team.