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St John's Experimental Traffic Regulation Order

Since Monday 5 June 2023 new traffic regulations have been implemented in St John’s Square and the surrounding roads.

Previously a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) was in place at St John’s Square which prohibited access to all vehicles during the day. Since then the area has seen increased volumes of traffic and has become an area of uncertainty for road users and pedestrians, sparking safety concerns.

As part of an effort to improve pedestrian and road user safety in the town centre, we will be implementing an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) in and around the St Johns Square area to trial new restrictions.

The areas outlined in the map below have been long-standing pedestrian zones which general traffic should not access already. The new restrictions are being made to limit the increased amount of unauthorised vehicles using the area.

Location and timescale

Since Monday 5 June 2023 new traffic regulations have been implemented in St John’s Square and the surrounding roads:

  • Cedar Square
  • Church Street from St John’s Square to Corporation Street
  • Abingdon Street from Church Street to Cheapside
  • Birley Street
  • Adelphi Street
  • Carter Street

The ETRO will be in place and enforceable for an experimental period of up to 18 months. The ETRO will be reviewed after 6 months and Blackpool Council have the right to amend the order during the experimental period. The consultation will close on Tuesday 5 December after the 6 month period while we review the feedback.

What you need to know

  • Only buses, taxis and other authorised vehicles (such as emergency services) can now drive within the restricted area.
  • Taxis can stop for pick-up/drop-off within the restricted area, however waiting is only permitted within the new designated taxi rank on Church Street.
  • Local businesses should take note that access for delivery vehicles is permitted into the restricted area between 6.00pm and 10.30am only.
  • Less traffic moving through the area means our residents and visitors can safely enjoy St John’s Square, the alfresco eating areas and any events taking place.
  • There are currently no official parking bays or spaces on any of the streets outlined in the map, so the new restrictions don't impact parking capacity.
  • Access for those with a blue badge won’t be possible within the restricted area. There are parking concessions already in place in the town centre to support a wide range of on-street and car parks for blue badge users. Find out more about disabled parking within the town.


All of the changes outlined above are experimental, and we welcome your thoughts and feedback. 

To give feedback and share your views on the new restrictions please use one of the following options:

All feedback must be submitted by Tuesday 5 December.

If you have any questions about the ETRO, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing