HeadStart Blackpool is a Big Lottery funded programme to increase the emotional wellbeing and resilience of young people in Blackpool. To deliver the programme Blackpool Council collects and processes personal information to make sure the programme is working well.

We keep this information safe. Blackpool Council is a registered 'data controller' under the Data Protection Act (ICO registration [Z5720508]). We process and hold information in order to be able to provide HeadStart and understand the difference it makes.

This notice works alongside other Blackpool Council notices and explains more about how we use and share information for HeadStart. Information may be collected in a range of ways including surveys, registers, face to face, telephone calls, audio or video. We may collect this information ourselves or through partner agencies delivering HeadStart activities for us. Please look at our Transparency and Data[1] web pages for more information.

We will review and update this privacy notice to reflect changes in the HeadStart programme and any feedback we get, as well as to comply with changes in the law. When we make changes, we will change the 'last updated' date at the top of this page.

Who we collect information on

We collect information whenever people take part in HeadStart. This includes:

  • Children and young people. For example if a child takes part in a HeadStart activity
  • Parents, guardians and carers. For example if a parent comes to one of our training sessions
  • Professionals and employees. For example if a staff member receives training
  • Volunteers and apprentices. For example if a volunteer helps deliver one of our activities

When people take part we will always inform them and provide clear options to participate, or opt out of participating, in the collection of information.

What kinds of information we collect

 The information we collect will vary across HeadStart but includes:

  • Information given to us. For example, many of our services require us to collect a register of attendees which might include names, contact details, medical information, consent forms
  • Information we get from people participating in HeadStart. We  collect information about the services used and how people use them, like how many times someone attends an activity or which activities people have taken part in
  • Information about the difference HeadStart is making. We use surveys to collect data on health and wellbeing and feedback forms to make sure that we know if HeadStart is working, and change it if we need to. We sometimes use this information to identify people who HeadStart can support
  • Additional information for research. For example we might interview or observe participation in HeadStart and make transcripts so that we can learn more about how HeadStart is working
  • Media. We may collect photographs, video or audio, information from social media. For example we may get young people to produce video logs (vlogs). We will follow council policies regarding the use of this information and provide options for when and how it will be used

What we collect information for

We need to collect and hold information so that we can:

  • Deliver the HeadStart programme and offer our support to those who might benefit from it
  • Identify people who might benefit from HeadStart so support can be made available
  • Contact people who take part in HeadStart to give or ask for information
  • Help the Big Lottery and their partners to monitor the programme and carry out national research
  • Understand local needs in order to provide services which meet them
  • Understand how well the project is working in Blackpool
  • Match data on participation in HeadStart to changes in people's lives and their need for support in the future
  • Promote or publicise what HeadStart is doing

Information Sharing

In order to meet the requirements of our Big Lottery contract, and to support the purposes of collecting information above, we need to pass information to other people and organisations that support HeadStart. We share this information only for the same HeadStart purposes as listed above

We may also ask for information about you from HeadStart partners and match new information with existing information we already have. For example we might match information on a pupil who has attended a HeadStart activity to their attendance or educational attainment records.  We may also work with partners in health or other public services to share information that helps us identify wider outcomes from HeadStart, such as health or employment changes

We may share your data with other organisations or agencies if required to do so by law

Wherever we can information will be anonymised but in some circumstances we may need to share identifiable information. If we do this we use passwords, encryption and secure file systems to protect information and ensure appropriate legal agreements to protect your data are in place first

Opting out of information collection or sharing

You have the right to request that we stop processing your personal data in relation to HeadStart at any time. Where possible we will comply with your request quickly unless we are required to hold or process information to comply with a legal requirement

We always try to ensure that information we hold is correct. There may be situations where you find the information we hold is no longer accurate and you have the right to have this corrected. Please contact us if you notice incorrect information and we will make changes

You are legally entitled to request access to any information about you that we hold, and a copy. You can do this on our website here: Information on making a Subject Access Request[2] .

From May 25 2018 your rights around data processing will increase. For further information on your rights, please see visit the Information Commissioner's website.

[1] https://www.blackpool.gov.uk/Your-Council/Transparency-and-open-data/Transparency-and-open-data.aspx

[2] https://www.blackpool.gov.uk/Your-Council/Transparency-and-open-data/Data-protection/Making-a-subject-access-request.aspx