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Responses to the polling district/polling place review 2022

WardPolling districtComment Returning officer comments 14 October 2022

Victoria ward


I am still puzzled why we want to change from using schools for polling stations, in all the years I have been on the Council schools have always been used. 

There is Revoe School in Q 1. 

The current polling place for polling district Q1 (Independent Methodist, Palmer Avenue) will not be available from May 2022 onwards therefore we need an alternative venue.

Where possible we are trying to avoid using schools as polling places as we understand how inconvenient it can be especially if the school has to make the decision to close.

At this stage we continue to explore the options in the area for a polling place for polling district Q1. We will go back out for consultation in the coming months regarding the new venue.

Victoria ward


There is Holy Cross Church on Central Drive and The Gatehouse Church on Waterloo Rd and possibly the Brun Grove Working man’s Club for Q2, also Palatine Library or the Sports Centre on St Anne’s Rd.

Pre 2021 we used Waterloo Primary School as a polling place. 

As outlined above we are wherever possible trying to avoid using schools. 

In May 2021 we successfully used Palatine Sports Centre as a polling place and the proposals outline that we would like to continue with this arrangement.



I do not know how Bispham Ward’s C1 and C2 polling districts are sub divided into the Polling Boxes on a street by street basis.

But as C2 is going to be reduced then Bispham United Reform Church Hall is going to be even quieter.

Has a consideration for reconfiguring C1 to bring an area which is closest to BURC Hall to place their ballot box here? 

Our proposal to reconfigure the polling district boundaries within the ward will ensure that the electorate figures for each polling station will be proportionate.



I toured the ward and could not find a suitable venue. The only building possible was the healing centre building but this may not be suitable.

The Solaris Centre would not work for residents east of the railway line as it is too far from this area of ward. The only building in this area is the park pavilion.

We have explored different options within the polling district with no success. Solaris Centre is currently used for electors in Squires Gate ward and has plenty of available space within the building to accommodate the electors of polling district N1 (Waterloo ward). It has good transport links and adequate car parking.