20 October 2022

Celebrating International Chef's Day with our Chefs Academy

As Blackpool is a thriving and well-loved tourist town with exciting opportunities for those wanting to work in the hospitality and catering industries, Blackpool Catering Services launched their Chefs Academy in 2021 to encourage students in years 10 to 11 who are disengaged with their education into focusing on a different study path that will lead them into exciting employment and career opportunities.

Chef Academy students prepping food in kitchen
Chef Academy students prepping food in kitchen
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Blackpool Chefs Academy is engaging and inspiring the next generation of high school pupils needing alternative education. Students are taught in a real-life working kitchen, with meals being delivered to the SEN provision and sent out across Blackpool, as well as also being able to cook for VIPs and visitors, all this combined is giving them the whole experience.

Blackpool is a famous tourist town with exciting restaurants, hotels and other venues seeking talented individuals to join their teams. Blackpool Catering Services aim is that their students leave them at the end of their time industry-ready, with industry-recognized qualifications and confidence in their skills, ready to start their careers.

We're incredibly proud of the students. The team diversifying what we do in the industry is essential to prepare the future and having a sustainable community approach to improve nutrition, health, education, and employment.