5 October 2023

‘Be Who You Want To Be’ survey launched

Today, a group of partners including The Blackpool North Shore Business Group, Renaissance Charity, LGBT+ Facebook Friends, hoteliers group BAGS, Blackpool Pride Festival, and Blackpool Council have launched a survey to engage with people on the future of some parts of the Claremont ward.

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Back in August this year, the council published plans which set out its intention to work with community groups and partners to develop a village quarter in Blackpool celebrating the resort’s LGBTQ+ heritage.

The plans aim to build on the existing concentration of gay-friendly bars, venues and guest houses in streets in the north of the town centre, including parts of Queen Street and Dickson Road.

There will be no label attached to the area, welcoming all with the mantra ‘be who you want to be’ and encouraging inclusivity and diversity at every level.

Today, the partnership is asking those with an interest in the area to take part in the survey and share their views.

The survey aims to find out views on the area, what is liked about it, what could be improved, views on investment and also topics like safety, security and health and wellbeing.

The LGBTQ+ community and businesses are very important to the economy. However, North Shore needs to be an inclusive area where everyone can ‘be who they want to be’. It is hoped all interests, ages and backgrounds will respond to the survey, so that the needs of everyone are fully understood.

After as many views as possible are gathered, they will be analysed and the responses will be used to develop a plan to improve the area for all and allow everyone, whether living or visiting the area, to feel that North Shore is a vibrant and inclusive area.

Cllr Lynn Williams Leader of the Council and ward councillor for Claremont said:

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“I’m really pleased that we have quickly got to the point of being able to ask people their views on further enhancing the identity of this area. “This area in Claremont has a long LGBTQ+ history and we need to celebrate that in a very Blackpool way. I love the idea that we could develop the area to be for everyone and use this unique opportunity of the huge investment that is happening in and around Blackpool to attract further investment from both the public and private sector. “It’s really important that we collect as many views on the area as possible and I would encourage everyone to fill out the questionnaire.”
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Tim Allan, chair of the North Shore Business Group said:

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“Blackpool has always been an iconic destination for the LGBTQ+ community and already attracts tourists, businesses and investment into the Claremont area. However, the time is right to develop the identity of this area further and improve it for the benefit of everyone. “I want Claremont to feel safe, vibrant and diverse so that you can always ‘be who you want to be’. To help us achieve this, we need to have everyone’s views. We simply cannot afford to miss this important opportunity. “If you are interested in having your say, please complete the survey and share your thoughts by filling out the questionnaire at”