7 March 2023

Westminster Primary Academy helps tackle dog fouling

Children from Westminster Primary Academy have today designed posters to inform residents in the Claremont area of the importance of picking up after their dogs.

Two children from Westminster Primary Academy holding posters they have designed to bring awareness to the issue of dog fouling.
Westminster Academy Primary pupils with their poster designs
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During a visit to the Academy, Blackpool Council’s Dog Warden, educated the pupils on dog safety and the offence of dog fouling. Councillor Lynn Williams ended the assembly by asking the children to design posters to help put a stop to the offence, and encourage locals to scoop their dog’s poop.

The posters will be put up around Claremont in the hope that it will discourage dog owners from allowing dog fouling.

Dog fouling is a concern across the town. By law, dog owners must pick up the mess left by their dog in public spaces. If they do not, it could lead to a Fixed Penalty Notice of up to £100, which if not paid can rise to £1000.

It is also an offence to not have the means to be able to pick up after your dog. Area Intervention Officers will soon be patrolling particularly in the Claremont and Bloomfield areas and asking dog owners to show that they can pick up after their dogs.

The majority of dog owners pick up their dog’s faeces, however the minority are ruining it for the rest by not keeping their local area and parks clean.

Not only is dog fouling disgusting and unacceptable, but mess that has been left can carry harmful bugs which could cause health issues such as toxocariasis and even blindness.

All sorts of worm and bacteria can live in soil long after the dog mess has decomposed. Picking up after your dog is easy, and freshly deposited faeces are not infectious. 

Councillor Lynn Williams, Leader of Blackpool Council, said:

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We regularly receive complaints about dog fouling around Blackpool, however there’s only a small percentage of dog owners who actually leave their dog’s mess behind. Every single black bin in Blackpool will accept dog waste, there are over 1000 bins across Blackpool which are emptied weekly. If you don’t pass a bin on the way back you can simply dispose of the waste in your black bin when you get home. Whether you walk your dog on the street, on one of the local parks or along the beach, there is no excuse, pick up after your dog or you could face a hefty fine. It isn’t right that young children across Blackpool like those I met at Westminster Academy should have their health put at risk and their play areas and streets ruined by this disgusting mess. That is why I asked the children to help design posters that will hopefully influence those that are responsible. We particularly want people to report dog fouling problems to us in parks and playing fields. We are asking the public and sports clubs to let us know if there is an issue and to submit as much evidence as possible. Electronic footage from residents - be it door cams, video clips or still pictures all really help us paint a picture of problem areas and who is responsible so we can find the culprit and fine them. We take dog fouling seriously and the council will fine the culprits. If you witness a case of dog fouling, you can report it at
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Joanna Hargreaves, Teacher at Westminster Primary Academy, said: 

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Keeping the environment clean and tidy is everybody’s responsibility and the children have learnt today the harm dog faeces can cause to people and the environment if not picked up by dog owners. Their posters have reinforced their learning and they have enjoyed spreading the word about how to safely act around dogs as well as keep their surroundings clean.
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A town-wide campaign will follow on from the posters in Claremont, which will encourage people to act responsibly by picking up their dog’s poo and educate about the consequences if they don’t.  

The campaign will also encourage people to report dog fouling via the council website if they see it happening.

To support the campaign, there are free poo bags available in the Claremont ward at the Egerton Road council ward office and floor stencils are being sprayed in problem areas to deter people from dog fouling.