Parents and carers

Helping your family to build resilience.

The Resilience Revolution is committed to supporting all young people and their families to build on their resilience and help them cope when times get tough.

We’re working closely with young people and with their families to better understand how to build resilience across our whole community.  

Resilience has many definitions. A not-for-profit organisation called Boingboing is supporting the development of the Resilience Revolution in Blackpool. They came up with many of the ideas behind the Revolution. Boingboing is  very knowledgeable about the theory and evidence behind resilience. Boingboing talks about resilience as beating the odds, whilst changing the odds and we at HeadStart Blackpool think the same way. This basically means we believe, with a little guidance, that many young people can bounce forward and up through tough times. But it also means that some people will need extra support and that we need to tackle major inequalities in people's lives. We can't just sit back and think that individuals can solve all their own problems. Some of us just don't get the opportunities that others do. We need to work to make society a fairer place.

Changing the odds is about making Blackpool a more resilient town to grow up in. So people have fewer challenges in life and less to deal with, like not having enough money to live, or not having good enough housing. 

Building resilience can be done through the everyday things like having a laugh with friends, going for a walk and looking at life in a positive way.

But, sometimes it can be a bit more tricky like learning to self soothe and having a plan for your future.

The Resilience Framework we use was developed by our friends at Boingboing, led by Professor Angie Hart.

For more information on everything you ever wanted or needed to know about resilience,  check out the Boingboing website. There are lots of really useful free  resources, including some written by and with parents and carers themselves.

Getting your child involved

If you think your child would benefit from being a valued member of the HeadStart Resilience Revolution then please get in touch with Nathan Parker, Youth Engagement Lead at HeadStart. You can email him using this address:  

If you think that your child needs a little bit of support, you can always tell them about the Childline website. Some of HeadStart's young people have checked out the site and believe it is the best web page out there to support young people. 

We are all in it together

The Resilience Revolution provides lots of opportunities for you as parents and carers to learn more about resilience. The Revolution is not just for your children, but for you, your family and friends.

We strongly believe that we will only be able to build resilience across our entire community by working closely together. We would love for you and your child or young person to come and get involved here at HeadStart. We call this 'co-production'.

Co-production gives you and young people the chance to get involved, have a real say on all issues and actually go out and do things that will have a positive impact on not just your lives, but the lives of others as well.

How to get involved 

Within the Resilience Revolution we have a "Parents of the Revolution" group that we are always looking to recruit to. The group is casual and fun, but important to the building of resilience in the town. 

We also have a Parents and Carers course which will assist you in building the resilience of your family.

Sound good? Well make sure that you book your free place on our Event Page.

Getting involved with the Resilience Revolution could lead to free training opportunities, volunteer placements and having a say on our Resilience Revolution and Blackpool as a community, plus much more.

If you're a parent/carer who requires more information or if you want to get involved with HeadStart please contact our Community Development Officer Brett: