Information about HeadStart & the Resilience Revolution

The Big Lottery Fund are investing over £10 million to support building resilience in young people and Blackpool as a community.

The new funding will enable us to develop a whole-town approach to resilience. We call this the Resilience Revolution.

Everyone who lives, works or volunteers in Blackpool will get the opportunity to learn more about our revolutionary new approach to resilience (authored by Angie Hart et al.) and the chance to get involved in lots of different ways.

Building resilience across the town will support the community to deal with adversity. The adversity can take many forms such as: poverty, poor housing, unemployment, substance misuse, mental ill health, childhood neglect or abuse. Adversity is often linked to the inequalities in our society. Other challenges might be more individualised like bereavements, exam stress etc.

What is resilience?

Even after more than 30 years of research into resilience, there is still no single definition. (What is Resilience?)

Many people describe resilience as overcoming adversity and doing better than expected, given people's individual circumstances.

In Blackpool we have partnered with Boingboing University of Brighton and the Centre of Resilience for Social Justice in resilience to promote Professor Angie Hart's inequalities approach to resilience.

Simply put, this is defined as ""Beating the odds, whilst changing the odds"". Beating the odds means we believe, with a little guidance and support to challenge inequalities, anybody can bounce forward and up through tough times. Changing the odds is about making Blackpool a more resilient town to live in.

All of our resilience research is kept as up to date as possible by the fantastic team over at Boingboing. If you want to find out more about resilience why not visit the Boingboing website. Their fantastic site is full of accessible and practical information and resources to support your resilience learning and practise.


One of the fundamentals of the Resilience Revolution is the collaboration between staff, young people, parents and organisations. This is called co-production.

This offers people of all ages the chance to have their say on important issues in different ways. This gets young people involved and gives them the chance to speak out whilst also giving them the opportunity to go out and make a difference.

We believe co-production will lead to empowerment in schools and across communities.

Boingboing also has a lot of resources which schools can use that are free to access, to help embed resilience into the fabric of their school. These include the Mental Health Guide for Schools Co-production is about making a difference, exciting opportunities, learning new skills and increasing confidence.

The Resilience Revolutionaries are working extremely closely with schools to give pupils a voice and help to develop resilience in their school.

Some of our young people have been on interview panels, travelled around the world and have spread the resilience approach far and wide. We need you to get involved and have your say too.

Want to be a part of the Resilience Revolution and find out how to get involved? Then book onto one of our fantastic courses here

If you're interested in finding out about the work of the Centre of Resilience for Social Justice and becoming part of a team of Resilience practitioners click here

If you would like to attend our Resilience Revolution 2020 conference, please click here to find more details

We at HeadStart and Boingboing recognise that being a practitioner in an area of significant adversity can be stressful. If you'd like to find out more about Practitioner Resilience, click here


Practitioners in Schools

Schools are crucial to the success of the Resilience Revolution.

We wholeheartedly promote Boingboing's Academic Resilience Approach.

If you're a practitioner who works in a school and you want to hear about how the Academic Resilience Approach works in practice, have a read of this blog.