Young people

Young People

The reality is, we are all different. We can be affected by the different things we experience in life in different ways, and how we feel at the time we experience them.

The good news is, there are things you and your mates and others around you like teachers, parents  carers and other close role models can do to help cope better with the tough times. We can’t always stop the bad things happening in life, but we can work together to change things, to make us become more resilient.

What is resilience?

Resilience has many different meanings, but to us it is about supporting people to beat the odds, whilst changing the odds.

Beating the odds means we believe, with a little help, anybody can bounce forward and up through tough times.

Changing the odds is about making Blackpool a more resilient town to grow up in. So people have fewer challenges in life and less to deal with, like not having enough money to live, or not having good enough housing. 

Resilient moves can be things that you do as part of your day, like having a laugh with your mates, getting enough sleep and getting some fresh air.

Some are a bit more tricky, like learning how to calm yourself down when you’re stressed, making school or college work well for you or having responsibilities in life.

If you would like to know more about resilience or how to make more resilient moves then check out this fun and interactive Resilience Framework.

Remember, in the meantime if you need some help then please contact  Childline.  Our other young people have already checked it out and they think that Childline is not only really helpful, but can be fun too.

Young People's Groups

In the Resilience Revolution we have loads of ways that you can get involved and make Blackpool a better, more fun and resilient place to live and grow up in. 

We want as many young people to get involved as possible to help us build our resilience across the town. 

You could do this digitally with vlogs and other fun social media content, or by writing stuff for this website!

Dottie The Resilient Snake Vlog

YouTube - HeadStart Blackpool




We also want you to do it by having a huge say in everything that we do in the Resilience Revolution, because your opinions matter and you’re the experts.  

There are lots of fun and interactive groups for you to get involved with, just check the Resources page out for more details.