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Centre walkthroughs

Please ensure you have reviewed relevant centre walkthrough video prior to your first visit

Blackpool Sports Centre

Moor Park Health and Leisure Centre

Pre booking

You must pre book Express Fitness sessions online or via the Sport Blackpool mobile App on Android or Apple devices.

You must hold a Leisure Card (Pay as you Go) or membership, to be able to book activities. You can sign up for these Online or Request a call back from the membership advisor.

Due to areas being closed for cleaning, please check in at reception for your booked activity no earlier than:

  • Express Fitness - your session start time.
  • Inductions and programme reviews – no earlier than 10 minutes before your booked appointment.

Please wait outside away from the reception queue or in your car if you cannot avoid arriving earlier than this.

Express Fitness

Available at Blackpool Sports Centre, Express Fitness incorporates a simple to use, smart strength circuit, that is suitable for everyone and guarantees results with just two 30 minute sessions per week. 

Express Fitness aims to help you drive your biological age younger than your actual age to ensure your body is fit for life.  

Strength training raises your metabolic rate, meaning you burn more calories even while resting. Raising your metabolism helps with weight control and plays a part in chronic disease prevention. Strength training also protects bone health and muscle mass to help reduce functional decline, to improve both the quality of life and reduce the risk of falls later in life. 

Express Fitness journey

At Blackpool Sports Centre our Fitness team are here to help you achieve. When you join our centres, you will need to book an induction online or via the Sport Blackpool mobile App on Android and Apple devices, before you can use Express Fitness.

When booking, under Induction and Programme Reviews, please book an Appointment 1.

Appointment 1 - Introduction (15 min telephone meeting)

Our fitness team will telephone you at the booked time, to have a brief discussion about yourself and what you are looking to achieve. The instructor will also book you an Appointment 2 for your first visit to the gym. 

Appointment 2 - Set up for your fitness programme (15 min in centre meeting)

Please check in at reception for your induction and proceed up to Express Fitness, in the main gym, to meet your fitness instructor. They will ensure that you are set up on each Express Fitness machine.

You will also be introduced to Boditrax, where you can monitor your progression going forward. Following your appointment 2, you will be able to book Express Fitness sessions. Your instructor will also book you in for an Appointment 3.

Appointment 3 - Demonstrating your achievements and goal focus (15 min telephone meeting)

Please ensure you have completed a Boditrax scan yourself in the gym, prior to this telephone appointment. Your instructor will telephone you at the appointment time to talk you through your progress to date. Your Express Fitness account will be upgraded with a training goal set on the equipment so that your training will be tailored to your goal. Goals include:

  • General fitness
  • Body toning
  • Weight loss
  • Athleticism
  • Muscle building
  • Health

The health goal includes programmes for metabolic fit designed for diabetics, rehabilitation, and immunity boost which is aimed at boosting your body’s immune system during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With your goal having been set, you will be exposed to more training methods on the Express Fitness machines. Please speak to a member of the fitness team during your next visit if you require any advice on following the new training methods. 

Programme reviews (15 min telephone meeting)

Following appointment 3, every 12 weeks we recommend you book a programme review. These can be booked yourself online of via the app. Please ensure you have completed a Boditrax scan yourself in the gym, prior to your booked telephone appointment.

Your instructor will call you at the appointment time, to talk you through your progress to date and adapt your programme accordingly.


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