Blackpool Central features

Ride, gaming and sci-fi fans are in for an absolute feast of a treat!

This new multimedia complex will make dreams become a reality, with a mix of multimedia, motion and story-telling like you’ve never experienced.


The Flying Theatre

  • The UK’s first Flying Theatre True flight movement provides an unparalleled, real flying sensation
  • The No.1 attraction in major cities and theme parks around the world
  • Reaches the largest demographic of riders, age 4 – 85
  • Fully immersive, including exciting on-board effects (like wind, fog, vibrations, scents, water-spritz, etc.)

Virtual reality experience

  • The world’s most advanced “Virtual Reality” experience
  • Epic scale, free-roam, multi-player
  • Whole body, fully immersive, hyper-reality
  • State-of-the-art visuals and body tracking Smell, touch and feel
  • Custom motion simulators for unmatched realism

Alien Diner

  • Fully themed bar and event restaurant
  • Breath taking “Roller-coaster” service
  • A one-of-a-kind place of fun, adventure and discovery
  • Hourly special effects show
  • Parties and special events
  • Healthy and organic food

Multi-media exhibition

  • The world’s first “Greatest Mysteries” multi-media exhibition
  • Scientific, educational and entertaining
  • Discover the most astonishing unsolved mysteries
  • Exploring a possible extra-terrestrial influence
  • A fully immersive and mind-blowing experience
  • Created with the latest technology

Adventure Land

  • Fully themed indoor interactive entertainment
  • Roll-glider – a free falling and hang-gliding sensation
  • Rope Courses – the ultimate experience of height
  • Adventure Trail – challenging obstacles and great adventure
  • Quick Jump –overcome your fear
  • Climbing Walls – dynamic and interactive fun walls

Thrill and Gaming Zone

  • Exciting High - thrill and family rides
  • Arcade Games
  • Bounce Park
  • Inflatable Attractions
  • Laser Tag Arena
  • Bumper Cars and much more…

What else will there be?

There are plans to see new hotels, shops, restaurants and more. We’ll be releasing further announcements in the future. Sign up for news alerts at the bottom of the page.


Benefits to the community

Blackpool Council has worked hard to plan for an all year-round attraction, which will create a range of jobs for people living in the area.

  • Around 1000 jobs – that’s equal to a job being available for 1 in every 2 18 year olds in Blackpool leaving education
  • Unique attraction, unlike anything else in the UK
  • An extra £75m annual spend from additional visitors going into the Blackpool economy
  • This will underpin Blackpool’s future regeneration and all of the other investment to make Blackpool better

Development dates

Date Development
Autumn 2018 Blackpool Council Executive approval and agreement to heads of terms
Spring 2019  Land agreement completes
Winter 2019  Planning application submitted
Spring 2020  Enabling phase commences
Summer 2021 Completion enabling phase
Summer 2021 Start construction - Phase 1
Summer 2023 Start fit out of phase 1
Summer 2024 Opening of phase 1
Autumn 2024 Start construction - Phase 2
Spring 2026 Start fit out phase 2
Summer 2026 Opening phase 2
Winter 2026 Start construction - Phase 3
Winter 2028 Start fit out phase 3
Spring 2029 Opening of phase 3
Subject to further discussions Promenade phase

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