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Food complaints

Food law seeks to ensure that all food offered to the public is safe to eat and is accurately described.

Public protection officers investigate complaints relating to food. This includes:

  • Food poisoning allegations
  • Contamination of food
  • composition and
  • Labelling

If you have a complaint

If you believe you have grounds to complain in relation to food you have purchased you can:

  1. Return the food to the place of purchase or complain to the food manufacturer directly. Contact information should be available on the packaging of the product
  2. Consult a solicitor and take legal advice, particularly if you wish to seek compensation
  3. Ask us to investigate the complaint

After you make a complaint

If you ask us to investigate our public protection officers will investigate it from a food safety point of view and will not get involved with helping you get a refund or any compensation.

Proof of purchase and any packaging materials may be needed.

Investigations can sometimes be long and could result in legal proceedings, in which case you may be required to provide a witness statement and give evidence in court.

If the company can demonstrate precautions and systems, designed and operating to prevent the type of complaint you have made, it is impossible for us to take any further actions as the law provides a statutory defence.

If you would like to discuss your complaint with a public protection officer please contact us.


Public protection division

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