School meals

Blackpool Catering Service provide over 2,500 meals every day to both primary and high schools. Our meals are cooked freshly on site by our teams of highly qualified staff.

Primary school meals

We serve free breakfasts for all children who wish to eat with us, a quick snack is offered mid-morning which will help to keep your child's energy levels topped up until lunchtime. We offer a full range of healthy snacks and drinks. Please ask at your child's school for more information.

We provide at least three choices of meals daily, two of which are hot choices and then either a sandwich or filled jacket potato. Your child can help themselves to unlimited salad from the salad bar and fresh bread is available to accompany the meal. Our staff will ensure your child will choose a meal they will eat and enjoy.

We also provide the catering for after school clubs, this will vary depending on your requirements, please ask at your child's school.

Weekly menus are usually available to view on the relevant school website.

High school meals

We offer a cafeteria style service within our high schools with our Fresh, Fast and Tasty menus. Fresh options are deli style sandwiches, wraps and filled jacket potatoes, Fast options offer hand held hot snacks to grab and go or try our Tasty options for home cooked main meals served with a selection of sides.

Our morning break menu offers hot sandwiches and snacks along with fruit pots and yoghurts.

Award winning school meals

Blackpool-healthier-choices-awardHealthy choices      

Blackpool Catering services have been awarded the Healthier Choices award.

Criteria includes a 3-star or above hygiene rating and the provision of healthy options.


change4life_1024x1024 Change for life  

We support Change for Life and we encourage children to make and sustain changes that will improve their health.

We actively encourage children to eat better and exercise more.