11 December 2023

‘3v3 Blackpool’ football launch event

A fun and new format of football ‘3v3’ is coming to Blackpool which sees three players on each team and no goal keeper!

3v3 airpitches at Common Edge Community Sports Village
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Active Blackpool is hosting a 3v3 football launch event at Common Edge Community Sports Village on Saturday 16 December and Sunday 17 December, where up to 150 grassroots teams will be taking part.

The event is being held following a £5,000 investment in two 3v3 air pitches, alongside Active Blackpool becoming a licensee in partnership with ‘3v3 UK’ to host football community sessions, tournaments and festivals.

Active Blackpool is aiming to encourage further uptake of grassroots football, with the ambition that the new air pitches will draw young people of all abilities from throughout Blackpool, using its football provision across four facilities - Blackpool Sports Centre, Common Edge Community Sports Village, Palatine Leisure Centre and Moor Park Health and Leisure Centre.

Air pitches are inflatable small sided football pitches, with small goals at either end of the pitch. The inflatable pitches ensure the ball doesn’t go out of play, meaning continuous play and more touches for the players improving the technical aspect of the game for all abilities.

A key goal of the pitches is to encourage young people in Blackpool to live an active and healthy lifestyle, whilst having lots of fun.

  • The benefits of 3v3 football are to increase ball-touches, passing, and scoring. Players learn to be quick on their feet and to keep the ball moving fast
  • The ball is in play for an average of 94% of playing time
  • Average statistics from 3v3 games show that up to 102 touches of the ball can be achieved and up to 2300 steps per game
  • 3v3 football can be played by all levels and abilities across all age groups making it an extremely inclusive format of football.

Cllr Jo Farrell, Blackpool Council Cabinet Member with responsibilities for leisure services said:

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“It’s fantastic to see continued investment into grassroots football for people across our town. “I’m especially excited to see how these wonderful air pitches can be used to introduce physical activity to the lives of those who aren’t so confident in their fitness or abilities, as the pitches will allow for a safe, controlled environment for those skills to flourish. “We all know how important it is to be active and providing new and exciting ways for the people of Blackpool to participate is so important for health and wellbeing.”
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