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STAYING HEALTHY                                                         

There is a team of specialist school nurses and health visitors for children and young people under 16 to make sure you have good health care when you need it. If you are over 16 the health service will work directly with you and help to allocate the health professionals who will be able to provide the best care for your needs. 

Health2YOUR NURSE WILL                            

  • Make sure you are registered with a GP and a dentist
  • Organise or carry out your health assessment every year to make sure you are getting the best possible care
  • Find out about vital information about your health e.g. allergies, epilepsy, asthma, diabetes
  • Talk to social workers and other health professionals, if for example they think you need some help
  • Provide one to one support for any health needs you may have, including physical, emotional and mental health
  • Will help create a 'health passport' which will be sent to you when you leave care

You have a right to access health care from doctors, nurses, dentists and opticians when you need it. It is also important for you to look after your own health.

You can talk to the specialist nurses about any of the following subjects

  • Healthy eating & exercise
  • Emotional wellbeing, feelings & mental health
  • Sexual health
  • Lifestyle issues like smoking, legal highs, gangs
  • Medical problems like headaches, not sleeping, bed wettingHealth


Then get in touch

Monday to Friday 9:00am- 5:00pm, every day of the year except bank holidays.

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