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Those who use the service need varying levels of support, which means whether you’re a full time worker or retired there should be someone who can be matched to you.

Any person referred to Shared Lives is assessed by the service and this information is used to make the best match with Shared Lives carers.

People are then given the opportunity to meet one another on several occasions (typically 2-3 times) before any formal agreement is made

This gives everyone involved the opportunity to discuss any concerns or arrange any additional support that may be required to help the placement work.

The Shared Lives team will discuss with you what would work best for your individual circumstances.

There are four different types of placements you can offer as a carer:

Daytime short breaks 

This is where the person spends time with the carer on a regular basis on one or more days in the week, using the Shared Lives carers home as a  base to access activities in the local community.

Short breaks  

These are for a specified period of time ranging from an overnight stay to a week or longer period as part of a planned break. 

Longer term placement

This is where the person moves in on a longer term basis and lives as a member of the Shared Lives carer’s family. 

Emergency placements  

These can be made quickly to respond to a particular need such as a relationship breakdown, illness, bereavement or safeguarding issue.

The aim is to ensure that the person has a safe place to stay whilst things are dealt with.