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The ARC – Residential Intermediate Care service

The Assessment and Rehabilitation Centre (ARC) is a 33-bedded service providing rehabilitation and intermediate care to the residents of Blackpool. 

The ARC is a unique service that provides a holistic approach to care, support and comprises of an integrated team of Blackpool Council and NHS staff. 

The ARC is fundamental in supporting NHS services by facilitating discharges from our local hospital’s busy acute wards. 

The ARC also provides step up beds for individuals in the community to avoid hospital admissions

Difference to other health and social care support

  • Intermediate care is a free short-term service 
  • You will receive support from a range of professionals 
  • You'll work with staff to agree your goals (for example making a meal, dressing and other activities of daily living) and how to achieve them 
  • The ARC offers an individualised tailored programme of support to help you achieve and maintain as much independence as possible, help you explore and try new ways of doing things, build your strength, resilience and confidence and support you in accessing any ongoing services when you move on from our service. The health and social care staff are highly qualified with varied experience and knowledge. The service is for a maximum of 6 weeks, however the team at ARC will identify how long your rehab stay needs to be based on your individualised needs

At the start 

  • You'll be given information about the service and what will be involved
  • You will be assessed by nurses and therapy within 24hrs of admission to the service
  • You'll receive support to plan what you are aiming for (your goals) and how to reach them. These discussions can include your family and carers if you wish
  • You'll receive copy of the goals you have agreed to work towards in a format that suits you
  • Help to think about any activities that might be risky will be given, and you'll be able to decide what support you need. 
  • You'll have the opportunity to ask questions

Nursing team 

Our nursing team consists of nurses, an assistant practitioner and healthcare assistants. There is a qualified nurse on duty at the ARC 24/7. 

Social worker team

Our social care team consists of social workers and support workers. Their role is to ensure that your social care needs are met and can range from arranging care, arranging you’re your home environment to be more accessible or assisting with rehousing 

Therapy team

Our therapy team consists of occupational therapists, physiotherapists and generic therapy instructors. They will create a treatment programme specifically for you to complete whilst you are staying at ARC. They will also assess your home environment and activities of daily living to ensure that before you leave you have everything in place, including specialist equipment and aids. 

Here at the ARC we aim to ensure that your stay is an enjoyable and positive experience with a staff team that are dedicated to meeting your individual needs.

The Arc is regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission.



For further enquiries please contact:

Telephone: 01253477855