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Grange Park proposed residential development – Public consultation

Grange Park proposed residential development

The details provided below sets out the Blackpool Council’s proposal for new housing development on the two vacant sites within the Grange Park estate – one off Chepstow Road and the other off Dinmore Avenue (behind @The Grange).

This proposal is for new social housing which would be managed by Blackpool Coastal Housing and will incorporate a range of housing types and new green space and cycle paths.

This development forms part of the council’s ‘Grange Park Estate project’ which adopts a whole place based approach to increasing community resilience to climate change. European Regional Development Funds will partially fund the development of 30 eco friendly homes and cycle paths to help reduce carbon emissions for the area.

The consultation seeks to capture the views of local residents and all interested parties on the proposed scheme..

Northern site

The northern site is land at the corner of Gateside Drive and Chepstow Road.

New housing development.


Southern site

The southern site is located at Dinmore Avenue/Bathurst Avenue.

Aerial view of new housing development.


The main aim of this proposal is to provide a residential development in a manner which both maximises potential to provide new homes, whilst respecting the local surroundings and providing improved green space for use by all residents on the estate.

Responding to the local demand within the wider context of the climate crisis, the goal is to create a mixed and inclusive community that promotes wellbeing and healthy lifestyles.

Across both sites it is proposed to construct 131 properties comprising 101 houses and 30 apartments. There would be a mix of semi-detached and terraced homes and bungalows with associated parking on driveways to the front and private gardens to the rear.

Designs of new terrace housing.

Terrace row with mixture of 2, 4 and 5 bedroom homes

New housing development and roads

Proposed new road layout - Northern site

Semi-detatched 2 and 3 bedroom homes.

Semi-detached 2 and 3 bedroom homes

New housing development flats and community green

Southern site view of flats across community green

Accompanying the houses is a retirement apartment development with allocated parking, views over the community green and a shared garden space to the rear.

The mix of proposed accommodation is listed below:

  • 50 -  2 bed 4 person homes
  • 17 - 3 bed 5 person homes
  • 16 - 4 bed 6 person homes
  • 12 - 5 bed 7 person homes
  • 3 - 6 bed 8 person homes
  • 5 - 2 bed 4 person bungalows
  • 30 - 1 bedroom sheltered apartments

Benefits for existing local communities

Informed through conversation with local communities and local stakeholders, including Boundary Primary School and @ The Grange, the ambition is that the development will benefit not only the new residents but the wider community and those attending the surrounding local schools.

The northern site incorporates a new school green space and the southern site defines a community green space to be used informally with a children's play area and for formal community events.

Movement and accessibility - vehicle, walking and cycling

The key connections and desire lines within the immediate area have been carefully considered, including those that connect key services. To contribute to improved connectivity a cycle path is planned connecting Dinmore Avenue and Dingle Avenue.

The scheme provides opportunity for safer journeys when walking to school and improved access to the local facilities at @ The Grange Community Centre.

The form of the new terraced homes helps provide a sustainable density but reduce the overall footprint and therefore aids in maintaining as much green, open space as possible.

Both sites will be an example of a new residential development designed to complement the existing neighbourhood, adding new vibrancy. These proposals include:

  • Cycle and pedestrian routes through the sites connecting the local schools, parks and community facilities
  • Provision of high quality formal and informal communal and public open spaces including pocket parks and communal green spaces for all residents, encouraging neighbourly activity and social interaction
  • A new children's play area at the heart of the southern development site

New housing development with green spaces.

Pocket park on northern site

Relating to the local context

The layout, choice of materials and massing of the development has been informed through considering the physical, historical and cultural context of the surrounding community.

The homes proposed will meet local housing need ranging from 1 bedroom retirement apartments to 6 bedroom houses designed for larger families. All of the homes are designed to meet the changing needs of households, having their own front doors and level access to the surrounding streets.

The proposals will use a range of materials that are sympathetic to the surrounding homes and robust to stand the test of time. Brick detailing, ginnels and book end terraces are key features that will seamlessly integrate the development into the immediate local context.

Sustainability and biodiversity

The development has been designed to better connect people to the local facilities by improving routes to open space and other community spaces such as @ The Grange.

The aspiration is to create more sustainable homes through the inclusion of improved energy efficient of the buildings (e.g. increased insulation) and the introduction of sustainable technologies such as a mechanical ventilation system.

Adding to local biodiversity is a key factor in the climate change agenda and biodiversity as part of this development is encouraged through a variety of landscape offerings. In the northern site a pocket park provides an opportunity for nature to flourish through the inclusion of meadow grassland and mature trees.

On the southern site an open greenspace, with accompanying area designated for the community has been designed for growing fruit trees, this will add to local biodiversity as well as encouraging social interaction and combatting loneliness. Hedges and trees are retained where possible and enhanced with additional hedgerows and established tree planting.

Following this public consultation the next step in the development process will be to submit a formal application to Planning. We welcome your feedback on these proposals and look forward to building new homes and spaces for the Grange Park community.


The consulation period on these plans ended on 16 April 2021. You can now view details of the feedback received.