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Weddings and Civil Partnerships

  • For general advice on booking a civil ceremony, please go to the end of this page.
  • If you have been contacted by your venue to postpone your ceremony, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Customer information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) updated 24 September 2020

On 22 September 2020 the Prime Minister announced changes to the Covid-19 regulations that affect ceremonies held from Monday 28 September 2020. These changes include an overall tightening of the social distancing regulations and a reduction in the number of people attending a ceremony.

  • From Monday 28 September 2020, ceremony numbers are now restricted to 15 people which includes all those attending, including the couple, witnesses and guests. Anyone working at the venue, such as Registrars, photographers, security, staff employed by the venue, third-party suppliers or catering staff are not included in this number.

For ceremonies taking place in Blackpool, you have three possible choices

  1. Go ahead as scheduled with a party of up to 15 attendees in total
  2. Delay your ceremony and reschedule to a date when the restrictions may be more relaxed or lifted
  3. Cancel your ceremony

Our office continues to be extremely busy and you may find it difficult to get through on our phone number 01253 477177; we therefore encourage you to make initial contact via email on

Going ahead as scheduled

  • Due to the social distancing guidelines, we cannot now hold ceremonies in our Sea View Room, therefore all ceremonies will now take place in the Tower View Room
  • Due to the unforseen disruption to our couples we have decided to charge the Sea View Room price for all Tower View Room ceremonies (Register Officer ceremonies remain the same price)
  • The room will be dressed with flowers and the 'LOVE' sign free of charge (if this has been pre-paid, you will be refunded)
  • If you have already paid the final balance on your Tower View Room ceremony, we will refund the difference between this price and the Sea View Room price.
  • Click here for our current Marriage and Civil Partnership fees

If you choose to go ahead with reduced numbers, please read the guidance below. If you choose to delay we can “hold” your booking until such time as you reschedule to a suitable new date.

Any monies already paid will be held in lieu of your ceremony. If you are “fully paid up” then your money will be transferred to the new date. If you choose to cancel, any ceremony and certificate fees already paid will be refunded in full.

The provisional booking fee and notice fees for work already done by us is non-refundable. This is in line with our regular terms and conditions for the booking and notice fees but is more generous for the ceremony and certificate fees.

Live Streaming your ceremony

For guests unable to attend we offer a live streaming facility through a partner company E-There To view details about the service and to book click on the speech bubble icon in the bottom left hand corner of their homepage. You can also email or telephone 0800 029 1711. Once you have booked we will receive notification from them.

Coming to The Wedding Chapel for ceremonies or pre-booked appointments

  • Face coverings, hand sanitising and contact tracing: for whatever reason you come to the Wedding Chapel everyone needs to wear a face covering and maintain social distance. This includes couples arriving for their ceremony. Hand sanitiser stations are available in several places in the Wedding Chapel. You will need to register your contact details for contact tracing purposes.
  • Attendance numbers: Having chosen to go ahead with your ceremony, from Monday 28 September 2020, the numbers are now restricted to 15 people which includes all those attending, including the couple, witnesses and guests. Anyone working at the venue, such as Registrars, photographers, security, staff employed by the venue, third-party suppliers or catering staff are not included in this number.
  • Ceremonies & Prices at the Wedding Chapel: ALL Wedding Chapel ceremonies will be conducted in the Tower View Room irrespective of the room you have booked. Until further notice the lower Sea View Room price will be charged for all ceremonies booked in either Tower View or Sea View Rooms. The price for Register Office ceremonies on a Monday morning remains unchanged.
  • Ceremonies & Prices at Approved Venues: The price for ceremonies at approved venues remains unchanged but they are limited by the Covid-19 regulations. Again numbers are now restricted to 15 people which includes all those attending, including the couple, witnesses and guests. Anyone working at the venue, such as Registrars, photographers, security, staff employed by the venue, third-party suppliers or catering staff are not included in this number.
  • Coming to the Wedding Chapel for an appointment and/or to Give Notice: The Wedding Chapel is open for pre-booked appointments only. To book please ring 01253 477177 or email We are closed for casual “walk-ins”. If you have a pre-booked appointment please arrive no more than 5 minutes early and wait on the landing on the first floor. Face coverings must be worn.
  • Giving Notice for Your Ceremony: We now ask you to give notice no more than 4 months before your ceremony. Your certificate for marriage is normally valid for 12 months, in the event of delay this gives you extra time after your original date before the certificates expire.


Please can the couple who have booked their ceremony with us pass the following relevant information on to their guests.

Attending a ceremony

  • Everyone must wear a face covering including the couple on entering the building as they have to walk through a retail shop. The usual exemptions apply including children aged under 11. The couple ONLY may remove their face coverings for the ceremony
  • Please use the hand sanitisers which are located on entry and on all floors of the building
  • The lift to the first and second floors may be used. We recommend you travel singly but you can share with your “bubble” if necessary
  • You will be expected to give your details for contact tracing purposes. This may be through the QR code (NHS COVID-19 APP downloadable from the Apple App Store or Google Play and which needs to be installed on your smartphone) or the contact trace list given to the couple
  • Younger children must be supervised at all times in The Wedding Chapel
  • The number of bridesmaids, page-boys etc should be minimised and they should wait at the back of the Tower View Room for the entry.
  • Either party to the ceremony may be escorted down the aisle by a member of their social bubble
  • The regulations state that the ceremony is kept to a minimum therefore no extra readings will be permitted other than what is in the ceremony booklet.
  • Where the use of the balcony is included in your booking we must limit its use to the couple and one photographer only. As is normal, when the weather is poor, balcony use is at the discretion of The Wedding Chapel staff
  • Everyone must exit the building from the North Exit and not return through the tourist information centre. We recommend that bio-degradable confetti may be thrown on the promenade

Future ceremonies

Any future ceremony bookings are still dependent on the government regulations in place on the date of the ceremony. If the spread of the virus results in a second wave or a localised lockdown is enforced, future ceremonies may have to be postponed. It is possible that restrictions could remain in place until at least March 2021.

Despite all this, we have since 4 July 2020 conducted over 80 ceremonies, all under Covid-19 restrictions. Making your day special is still at the forefront of everything we do. Please be patient with us and follow the rules, that way you will still enjoy a memorable day and we can all stay safe together.


The government will update information periodically. The above information is based upon the announcement made on 22 September 2020 and may be superseded at any time.

General information on booking a Civil Ceremony  

Once you have decided to marry or form a civil partnership, you need to decide if you want a civil (non-religious) or religious ceremony. If you require a Religious Ceremony, see the link on the left.

Civil ceremonies at district Register Offices or Approved Premises

You may marry or enter into a partnership by civil ceremony at any Register Office or other building (an Approved Premise) in England and Wales which is licensed to do so. A civil marriage or partnership ceremony cannot contain any religious content.

  • Couples do not have to live in the district where the marriage or partnership is to take place but the legal preliminaries (formal notice of marriage or civil partnership) must be given to the Superintendent Registrar for each party in their district of residence
  • However, if one or both parties are foreign nationals from a country outside the European Economic Area (EEA), the couple must both attend a (DRO) Designated Register Office in England or Wales to attest the notice of marriage before a Superintendent Registrar
  • Enquiries should be made to the chosen venue for availability before the formal notices of marriage or civil partnership can be taken
  • Once formal notice has taken place you must wait at least 28 clear days before your ceremony can take place (DRO notices may have to wait up to 70 clear days before the ceremony can take place)
  • Please note that a notice of marriage or civil partnership is only valid for 12 months from the date notice is given

If you want to arrange a civil ceremony in Blackpool, look at our Wedding Venues

If you want to arrange a ceremony in a venue outside of Blackpool, look at the Civil marriages and partnerships: approved premises list which covers the whole of England and Wales.

The Wedding Chapel (Festival House)

The Wedding Chapel (or Festival House as it used to be called) on Blackpool's promenade is run by Blackpool Registration Service and contains a Register Office for small ceremonies (the couple and two witnesses) and has two Approved Premises (the Tower View Room and the Sea View Room) which are located on the second floor and afford stunning views of the iconic Blackpool Tower and the sea.

For more information and to enquire about marrying or forming a civil partnership there, click on The Wedding Chapel page.


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