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Play streets

We’re working with the local community to bring the fun back to the streets!

Play street events are temporary resident-led road closures that allow children to play safely outside within their neighbourhood for a few hours.

The events allow children to make friends, have fun, and learn and gain independence, all while enjoying the fresh air and freedom of outside play. They are an effective way to promote active lifestyles and safer streets.

With permission from Blackpool Council, residents can apply to legally close the road to through traffic for a short space of time to create a safe space for children to play outside.

The first Play Street event in Blackpool will take place in March 2023, in the Claremont area of the town.

A Temporary Play Street Order (TPSO) will be in place, permitting a road closure to traffic for the duration of the event. Residents will still be able to access this area in their vehicles with caution.

Road closure signs and cones will be used to block entrances to the road, with volunteers responsible for supervising the road closure.

The initial event will be used as a trial to see how we can work with other neighbourhoods in the future to allow more play street events throughout the town. 

Organising a play street

We’re looking forward to working with other communities throughout the town to organise more play street events in the future and our team is working hard to get procedures in place for this. 

To register your interest or to find out more please email

Help to organise a play street

Playing Out is a not-for-profit national organisation set up by parents in Bristol, supporting neighbourhoods to organise play street events nationally.

Find guidance, useful resources and advice or email