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Blackpool parks and greenspaces

Park Rangers

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Rangers events

The service has been shaped by the needs of our town’s young people and their families, responding with the addition of activities and events supported by local councillors and government funds. The team have planned and delivered numerous highly commended events, and also deliver quality provision of a year-round HAF programme for primary aged children.



Get involved

If you would like to find out more about attending sessions, or getting involved with the service, please take a look at the Facebook page for regular updates, the Blackpool Better Start website, or contact the Park Rangers by email at

The park ranger service began in 2016, when Blackpool Better Start commissioned its development with lottery funding; the goal was promoting healthier lifestyles and regular use of local parks and green spaces.

Since those formative years, a successful programme of regular weekly sessions has been developed and delivered by a team of skilled staff, who maintain the core concept of connecting our town to nature.