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After extensive flooding in 2007, the government commissioned a review, which recommended that ‘Local Authorities should lead on the management of local flood risk, with the support of the relevant organisations’, (The Pitt Review, 2008).

This led to the development of the Flood and Water Management Act which in 2010.

The act designates Blackpool Council as a Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) and Blackpool Council now has new duties and powers for managing flooding from local sources in the area. These include:

  • Ordinary watercourses
  • Surface water 
  • Groundwater 

Flooding advice and information

Flooding brings serious dangers to both people and their communities. If the area that you live or work in is liable to flooding then often simple actions can help reduce the impact of flooding and reduce the burden on the emergency services when it occurs. If you develop an emergency plan then any precautions or actions that you need to take can also be built into it. 

To find out if you are in a known flood risk zone contact the Environment Agency or visit the Lancashire Flood Hub to view 

To sign up for the free flood warning service and for further advice on preparing for a flood, or what to do during a flood, visit the Environment Agency's Flood Advice page or get useful information for homeowers, businesses and landlords at the Floodhub.

If the flooding is due to sewers overflowing and the sewage is entering your home or garden, call United Utilities straight away who can send a team to investigate the cause and help with the clean-up.

Met Office / Environment Agency Flood Warnings

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