27 January 2023

The Platform supports over 100 young people into work

Blackpool’s Youth Employment Hub, The Platform, are making fantastic strides in supporting local young people into work since opening in March last year. So far, The Platform have helped a total of 123 young people move into work, along with supporting others into training or education.

Young person wearing chef's uniform
Abdul Miah, The Platform's 100 successful employment outcome, wears his new work uniform.
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The Platform was launched by Blackpool Council in partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and was funded initially through the Community Renewal Fund. The overall aim of the service is to offer employment support to 16–24-year-olds in Blackpool to help them to access training to improve their skills, build their confidence and provide information, advice and guidance on career options.

Based in the town centre, on the ground floor of the council operated No1 Bickerstaffe Square building, The Platform’s purpose is to be a one-stop-shop to help young people with things like; CV writing, confidence building, interview skills and more.

There are also two co-located Youth Work Coaches from JobCentre Plus who work closely with The Platform team to ensure the right young people are encouraged to use the service.

Since officially opening, the specialised team of Employment Advisers have seen many success stories. Young people have initially approached the service with little to no confidence, a lack of direction, qualifications or experience, however, with the knowledge and dedicated support the Platform team provide, the majority leave successfully signed up to their next step.

Working closely with many local employers and a range of training providers to help young people connect with a range of opportunities across Blackpool, The Platform offers a tailored approach to suit each individual.

James Duff, an Employment Adviser has worked with Abdul Miah, the one hundredth successful person to use The Platform service.

James said:  

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"Abdul was interested in office-based employment. After exploring different options and making several applications, he was invited to Last Minute Staffing to interview for admin type roles. “Abdul then went on to complete several varied shifts, including Wild West Diner, who liked him so much they decided to offer him a permanent position. “This is fantastic news for Abdul, who’s now on a competitive salary and working full time hours with a local employer. We will continue to support him through the next few months of his working life. Well done, Abdul!”
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Abdul Miah added:

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“Stick to what you know and the skills that you have and just keep going. “I feel like I’ve stuck to what I’m doing and feel like I’ve finally gotten somewhere. “I was doing cooking in a care home before but feel that my skills weren’t being used properly.'
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Cllr Gillian Campbell, Cabinet Member for Inclusion, Youth, Transience and Schools, said:  

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“It is fantastic to see such an amazing milestone reached in a short space of time. “The Platform team work really hard to offer an outstanding, bespoke service that’s free of charge to those aged 16-24 who live in Blackpool. “The overall aim is to help support young local people into work, training and education - developing skills, providing practical help and building confidence to ready them for an exciting future. “As one of the first Town Deal projects that has launched, it’s exciting to see the great results achieved so far. “A key focus of our Making Blackpool Better vision is to ensure people of all ages have access to great career and education opportunities and The Platform has certainly embraced that with open arms. “Based in an easy to access town centre location, not only is it a great asset to Blackpool, it looks great too. The colourful branding truly encapsulates the energy of today’s youth perfectly. “If you know anyone who is aged 16-24, who’s possibly unsure of their next step or may require additional support, please do get in touch with the friendly and experienced Platform team.”
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Andrew Fletcher, Manager of The Platform said:

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“Young people in Blackpool have had a challenging few years’, tackling problems that surfaced during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to this, some young people may need extra support to get back on track and become financially independent. “We’re immensely proud of the work that we have done over the last eight months, and we’re already working towards our next milestone.”
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If you, or someone you know is aged between 16-24 and looking for work, education or training - get in touch to book an appointment with one of our friendly Advisers.

WhatsApp, text or call: 07342 056448
Call the office: 01253 477 775

Pop into The Platform, Unit 3, No1 Bickerstaffe Square (next to the new Post Office, Cookson Street) to make an appointment. Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm.