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Business rates - Roadwork Disruption

Roadworks to date

The development of the Talbot Gateway has caused disruption and will continue to do so for business owners on Talbot Road and other business owners on the surrounding streets, such as Cookson Street, Dickson Road and Queen Street. In time this could extend to also affect Topping Street and Deansgate.

Business rates - the role of the council

Whilst our job is to administer business rates accounts and collect the payments, we have little control over how much a business pays. We follow national rules which determine that the Valuation Office Agency sets a rateable value for each property based on broad market rental values and central government provides an annual multiplier, and these two amounts are used to calculate the bills.

Business rates - what to do if you think your rateable value is too high

If you think your rateable value is too high you will need to contact the Valuation Office Agency to ask them to look at how your property is valued under the Check Challenge Appeal scheme. As part of this process you will need to register for an online account, claim your property and then check your rateable value. If at this stage you believe your rateable value is too high then you will need to challenge the decision.

Please note: Blackpool Council are not involved in any stage of this process.

The Valuation Office Agency accept there are grounds for making a challenge where there has been a change to the property or surrounding area that should be shown in the rateable value (for example, long-running road works).

To receive a reduction on your business rates you must challenge your rateable value.

Whilst awaiting the outcome of a query or a challenge, you must continue to pay your business rates as billed.

Where the rateable value is adjusted the Valuation Office Agency will write to us to advise, and should this result in an overpayment for the current financial year or a previous year the overpayment will be returned to you in full.

Please note: any retrospective changes to the rateable value may impact on the level of transitional relief awarded, or transitional premium charged to your account.

If you are struggling to register for the Check Challenge Appeal service you can contact the Valuation Office Agency on 03000 501501.