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Healthier Choices Award checklist

Food Hygiene Rating

A food hygiene rating of 3 or higher

Fats and frying

Use a polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fat or oil when preparing and cooking food e.g. sunflower, corn or rapeseed oil rather than saturated fat e.g. lard or butter

Avoid deep fat frying. Where unavoidable, ensure the fryer is heated to the optimum temperature (175 - 190ºC)

Chips are thick cut (14 mm or bigger)

After frying the chips, bang, shake and drain off excess oil in the wire basket

Oil is properly maintained - the fryer is skimmed throughout service, oil is topped up after every session and filtered regularly, and oil is changed before it froths, foams or smokes


Ask customers if they would like salt before adding it

Use salt shakers that have 5 holes or less

Do not automatically give out sachets of salt with food

Where MSG is used, steps are being taken to reduce levels

MSG and salt are not used together in dishes

Portion size

Smaller portions for children and adults are available and promoted (1/2- 1/3 of the standard portion size)

Do not overfill or compress food into containers

Fruit, vegetables and whole grains

Where fruit, vegetables or salad is served, an 80 g portion is provided as a minimum e.g. baked beans, peas, salad (NOT potatoes)

Add vegetables to as many dishes as possible and ensure at least half of the main dish is made up of vegetables or offer a vegetarian option

Promoting healthier options

Healthier options are advertised separately at the counter

Swap 1 or 2 items on set menus for healthier options e.g. boiled rather than fried rice, vegetable soup instead of spring rolls

Where soft drinks are sold, healthier options are also available and displayed e.g. water, unsweetened fruit juice, low calorie options

Where hot drinks are sold, sweeteners are available as an alternative to sugar

Lower fat mayonnaise and dressings are available and customers are given the option of adding their own

Where seating is available, drinking water is always available and free of charge