Healthier Choices Award terms and conditions

Businesses that receive an award have demonstrated they meet the relevant award criteria. The award scheme does not include an assessment of food quality, including its taste, texture or appearance. The award is not an endorsement of any business practice or quality of service.

In offering the award scheme to businesses in Blackpool, Blackpool Council will provide support to businesses to help them achieve the award. The level of support provided will be subject to the needs of individual applicants and on the ability of the council to meet those needs.

The support offered may include advice on healthy eating, awareness of nutritional standards, and tools and guidance on promoting healthier eating and healthy lifestyles to customers.

The award recognises the business' achievement in providing healthier foods and their commitment to continue to do so. The award will be reviewed every two years.

Visits may be made to establishments that have achieved an award. The aim of such visits is to check that establishments continue to satisfy the relevant award criteria. Visits will only be made at appropriate times and should not affect the normal operation of the business.

We reserve the right to review or revoke the award if:

  • There are significant changes to the menu
  • The business comes under new ownership (there is no automatic right of transfer)
  • The business no longer meets the award criteria

We will advertise the business name and contact details of award holders on the Blackpool Council website.

Your establishment will only need to meet and implement each of the criteria which apply to your business.

All information collected will be treated as confidential, held and protected securely under the principles of the current data protection legislation. No personal information will be shared with any third party organisation without your express permission, and will be retained for two years from the date of the award.

General hygiene requirements

Healthy eating requires food to be handled, stored, prepared, distributed, labelled and advertised in accordance with food law requirements. Therefore, only businesses that have demonstrated good standards of compliance with food laws are eligible to apply for an award.

Use of award images

Food businesses that have received an award are granted permission to use all award images and may reproduce them for display at the premises or on any literature or promotional material used by the business.

Under the provisions of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 it is an offence to falsely claim that the business or any product of the business has received an award or has been given approval or permission to use any of the award images when such approval or permission has not been given, or has been revoked.

The awards and any promotional materials provided as part of the award scheme remain the property of Blackpool Council.