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A pedlar is someone who trades or sells goods on foot. Pedlars can't set up a fixed pitch, but must travel from door to door, place to place or town to town.

Pedlar's must hold a certificate under the Pedlars Act 1871. This can only be granted by the Police in the district where they have lived for one month prior to their application. A pedlars certificate applies anywhere in the UK.

Visit your local police station and request an application form for a Pedlars Certificate.

Trading standards have guidance leaflets available on request.

Food and drink vendors

You cannot trade on any prohibited street or consent street in Blackpool. You must not trade on any other street or pavement as this is likely to cause a traffic obstruction. 

It is likely that the only suitable trading sites in the town will be privately owned land. You must have the permission of the land owner and you must ensure that council's planning department have no objections to you trading there.

You should also ensure that this site is not within 12 m of a 12 m prohibited street.