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Mobile platforms and cranes

In order to use a mobile platform or crane on the public highway you must first obtain permission from Blackpool Council and apply for a licence to cover the period the mobile platform or crane will occupy and or impact on the highway.

The restrictions placed on how the mobile platform or crane occupies the highway will depend on where exactly its needed, what task the equipment is being used for, and if there are any other associated implications, for example when placed on the highway how much room does it need to work, will it swing outside the agreed area or will additional vehicles be needed at the same location.

A further application and additional restrictions are also required if the working area is adjacent to or can conflict with the tramway over head power lines, strict protocols are needed to ensure safe working methods are employed. 


  • Mobile platforms - A fee of £55 per week or part week is payable
  • Cranes - A fee of £75 per week or part week is payable


For further information or if you wish to discuss the application process or to arrange a site meeting please telephone 01253 476152