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Over sail licence

To enable a building structure to over sail the highway you must obtain a licence from the council, the Highways Act 1980 gives a highway authority power to licence a building to be erected over a highway. 

The act differentiates between buildings constructed over the highway, for example a permanent canopy or balcony of a building these would be licensed under section 177 and structures in and or over the highway for example, a retractable canopy these are licensed under section 115 A-K.

Any structure of this type that over sails the public highway must be licensed.


  • A fee of £1,145 is payable for licences issued under section 177
  • A fee of £850 is payable for licences issued under section 115 A-K

The fee is a one off charge for the issue of a licence, if a licensed structure is renewed or replaced a new licence is required.


For further information or advice please telephone 01253 476152.