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Permit scheme for highways works

Roadworks are an essential part of improving and maintaining the public highways in Blackpool. As well the power, water and telecommunications services that are laid in it.
These works can cause delays and disruption for:
  • Road users
  • Local residents
  • Businesses
We have designed the Blackpool permit scheme to improve the management of the road network.
To minimise disruption we control all road activities by:
  • Better planning
  • Scheduling and
  • Control of all road activities
This helps us to co-ordinate activities, making sure we reduce the disruption to users in a positive way.

Activities requiring a permit

You will need a permit for all activities that involve:
  • Breaking up or resurfacing of any street
  • Opening of the carriageway or cycle way of traffic-sensitive streets at traffic-sensitive times 
  • The use of any form of temporary traffic control as defined in the Code of Practice for Safety at Street Works and Road Works 
  • Reduction of the number of lanes available on a carriageway of three or more lanes 
  • Activities that need a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order or notice, or the suspension of pedestrian crossing facilities 
  • Reduction in the width of the existing carriageway of a traffic-sensitive street at a traffic-sensitive time 

Activities not requiring a permit

Immediate activities do require a permit, although as such activities are concerned with emergency or urgent situations, an activity promoter can start the activity before applying for a permit.

Exempt activities

The following activities do not require a permit:

  • Works carried out in pursuance of a street works licence issued under section 50 of NRSWA
  • Traffic census surveys
  • The maintenance of fire hydrants by fire service vehicles provided the activity is undertaken outside traffic sensitive periods, unless these activities involve traffic control

Permit scheme details

All streets that are subject to the permit scheme will be identified via the Associated Street Data (ASD) record held on the National Street Gazetteer (NSG) concessionaire’s website alongside the NSG data, where the operational district responsible for maintaining the street is defined as operating a permit scheme.

Requirement to obtain a permit

Any activity promoters who wishes to carry out such an activity on a specified street must first obtain a permit.

The permit will allow the activity promoter to:

  1. Carry out the specified activity
  2. At the specified location
  3. Between the dates shown (and subject to validity periods where relevant)
  4. Subject to any conditions the Permit Authority may require to be included

Each application for a permit will be limited to one street and for one continuous activity only, multiple activities must not be grouped under one permit.

Where the specified activity involves multiple specified streets, a separate permit will be required for each street. Permit applications for specified activities covering more than one specified street shall be cross-referenced to all related applications using the project reference.

Where we are satisfied that applications involving multiple permits on streets in close proximity are indeed a single activity, fees will be discounted at our discretion if the applications are submitted together (i.e. on the same day) and cross referenced.


Highways permit fees
 TypeMain roads - Category 0, 1, 2 and traffic sensitiveMinor roads - Category 3 and 4, not traffic sensitive
Provisional advance authorisation £98 £60
Major works - over 10 days and all major works requiring a traffic regulation order £191 £100
Major works - 4 to 10 days £124 £65
Major works - up to 3 days £63 £33
Standard activity £114 £59
Minor activity £58 £30
Immediate activity £55 £27
Permit variation £45 £35

Contacts for permit applications

 Contact Telephone
During normal office hours 01253 478197
Emergency contact out of hours 01253 477600
Trees 01253 478358
Environmental 01253 477477