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Scaffolding is used for a variety of reasons from access to support and can vary  considerably in size and scale. Fixed constructed scaffolding is undertaken by specialist companies. If the scaffold occupies, encroaches or impacts on the public highway it requires a licence.

Scaffolding licences are only issued to scaffolding / construction companies as they can satisfy the requirements of erecting and maintaining the scaffold, have the appropriate public liability insurance and can meet the terms and conditions of the licence. 

The restrictions placed on how the scaffold will occupy the highway will depend on the need for the scaffold, its proposed use and access requirements to the scaffold when erected.

A further application and additional restrictions are also required if the working area is adjacent to or can conflict with the tramway overhead power lines, strict protocols are needed to ensure safe working methods are employed.


A fee of £55 per week or part week is payable


For further information or if you wish to discuss the application process or to arrange a site meeting please telephone 01253 476152