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Additional HMO licensing

What is additional HMO licensing

Additional licensing is a discretionary scheme and applies to other types of Houses in multiple occupation (HMO) which are not subject to mandatory licensing.

A HMO is a building or part of a building occupied as a main residence by 3 or more people that form 2 or more households.

A HMO can therefore include:

  • Buildings containing bedsits and/or non self-contained flats, shared houses and hostels
  • Buildings converted solely into self-contained flats

Households can consist of one or several people provided that they are related to each other, including:

  • Cousins
  • Grandparents
  • Stepchildren
  • As well as partners living together. E.g. 1 brother and 1 sister = 1 household. 1 brother, 1 sister and 1 friend = 2 households

Further details on HMOs 

Current additional and selective licensing schemes