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The Blackpool Standard checklist

To be completed and submitted at the start of each new tenancy and/or annually

Space standards

Each self-contained unit must total at least 20 square metres in floor space (excluding bathrooms(s) and any hallways), and include the following minimum room sizes:

  • Each single bedroom must be a minimum of 6.5 m² and be capable of fitting a single bed, wardrobe, and bedside table 
  • Each double bedroom must be a minimum of 10.2 m² and be capable of fitting a double bed, 2 bed side tables and a double wardrobe.
  • *Areas where the ceiling height is less than 1.52 m (5') (such as an attic room) will not be counted as part of the floor area.
  • Each kitchen should contain enough space to fit a cooker, fridge/freezer, washing machine, double base sink unit, double wall unit and 1.5m of 600mm deep work surface suitable for preparing food. 
  • Each bathroom should have enough space to fit a toilet, wash hand basin, bath or shower.


Each property must have the correct officially certified planning use and building regulations and certificates available on inspection.

Management standards

A pack containing all certificates and instructions relating to the property must be given to each tenant at the beginning of each tenancy and subsequently on request.

As a minimum this will include:

  • Most recent EPC (minimum E rating)
  • Portable Appliance Test Certificates for any apppliances provided as part of the tenancy
  • Valid Annual Gas Safety Certificate
  • Written and signed tenancy agreement in the primary language of the tenant.
  • Photographs of each room at the start of the tenancy signed by both landlord and tenant
  • Written ASB Plan and/or procedures in place for dealing with anti-social behaviour from tenants and visitors
  • Periodic inspection Report or Electrical Installation Condition Report for the whole of the electrical installations within the property in accordance with current IEE wiring regulations
  • Written repairs procedure with timeframes
  • Provide written information on the tenancy deposit scheme as set out in the Housing (Tenancy Deposits) (Prescribed information) Order 2007
  • Quarterly completed fire risk assessment check sheet
  • Landlord/Agent contact details and emergency contact details provided and securely positioned in a prominent place
  • Completed, signed and dated inventory
  • Details of how to use all appliances supplied as part of the tenancy including any heating system
  • Details of how to turn off the water, gas and electricity, in case of emergency
  • Advice on waste and recycling services and relevant collection dates
  • Copy of the guidance, ‘How to Rent – the checklist for renting in England’
  • Copy of the completed ‘Right to Rent’ Checklist
  • Buildings insurance certificate

Property conditions

  1. Each home including external areas must be fully compliant with Part 1 Housing Act 2004 – Housing Conditions and must be free from all Category 1 hazards contained within the HHSRS guidance, or the landlord must be able to evidence effective action currently being taken against the tenant(s) for breach of tenancy

  2. Each home must be fully compliant with all licence conditions of the selective licensing proposal as required under Part 3 Housing Act 2004

  3. Each kitchen and bathroom must have been replaced within the last 20 years and be fully functional and fit for purpose.

  4. Each home must provide a good standard of thermal comfort including an efficient heating system controllable by the tenant(s), capable of maintaining an indoor temperature of at least 21 degrees centigrade when the outdoor temperature is -2, and effective wall and loft insulation. The EPC rating must be a minimum ‘E’ rating. Any heating system must be fixed, economical and accessible

  5. Each home must be in a good state of repair, with all building components in good condition including windows and doors which are draught-proof, secure and watertight

  6. Each home must be painted and decorated to a good standard, both internally and externally and refreshed at the beginning of each tenancy if required.