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Hackney carriage and private hire driver

We have implemented some changes to encourage new drivers into the trade and to support existing drivers.

New drivers may now apply for a 1 year licence at a cost of £75 and a 3 year licence will cost £195. Existing drivers can renew for 1 year at £65 or 3 years at £175.

The initial £25 fee for the new driver knowledge test has been waived and will now only be charged if you take the test more than once. We've also postponed the requirement to complete the 3 day BTEC/NVQ/RVQ whilst we review our processes and procedures to improve our service delivery. 

If you want to drive either a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle you must first obtain a licence.

Drivers are licensed for the safety and protection of the public and go through numerous checks before being issued with their licence.

All drivers are issued with an identification badge with their photograph which must be worn at all times.  

Apply for a licence

Applications should be submitted using our online form. You will need a valid email address, credit or debit card to make payment online. We would strongly advise reading the guidance notes at the beginning at the beginning of the application form before completing and submitting your application.  

In order to be licensed as a hackney carriage or private hire driver, you must:

  • Complete the application for a hackney carriage/private hire driver
  • Hold a current driving licence which is at least 12 months old
  • Complete an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, £50 fee, which shows you have no criminal convictions or you have been determined by the public protection committee to be a fit and proper person. When you first apply to us you will need to provide an email address on your application form - we will then send you a link with your unique username and password to complete your DBS application online. Once your initial check has been done you will then need to subscribe to the DBS Update Service throughout the duration of your licence.
  • Pass a medical examination to DVLA Group 2 standard
  • Pass our 'knowledge test' of roads and landmarks in Blackpool. The test also includes questions on taxi law and policy, the Highway Code and the safeguarding of children and adults
  • Prove that you have the right to work in the UK. You will need to provide document(s) from the checklist to demonstrate this with your application
Identification and right to work documents can be uploaded as part of the application process (see guidance for a list of acceptable documents). 
You also need to provide a photograph of yourself (see guidance for requirements).
For renewal applications that require a DBS check, please ensure we receive your paperwork at least 8 weeks before your licence expires. 
Please note: UBER is nt currently licensed by Blackpool Council. 


Changes for taxi and private hire licence applications

The rules have changed if you're an individual, company or any type of partnership applying for a licence as a:

  • Taxi driver        
  • Private hire driver
  • Private hire vehicle operator

If you make an application on or after 4 April 2022 you'll need to complete a tax check with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) if you're:

  • Renewing a licence
  • Applying for the same type of licence you previously held, that ceased being valid less than a year ago
  • Applying for the same type of licence you already hold with another licensing authority

You will not need to complete a tax check and you should follow the confirm your tax responsibilities guidance if you have:

  • Never held a licence of the same type before
  • Had a licence of the same type that ceased to be valid a year or more before making this application

You must carry out the tax check yourself. You cannot ask a tax agent or adviser to do this on your behalf. If a tax check is not completed, the licensing authority will be unable to consider your application to renew your licence.

You can find all the information you need on how to register and undertake your mandatory tax check at:  GOV.UK - Changes for taxi, private hire and scrap metal applications from April 2022

The tax check must be undertaken before you submit your application for renewal.  

First-time applicants must give confirmation on their application form that they are aware of the guidance about their tax obligations and have read and understood the requirements which can be viewed at GOV.UK - Confirm your tax responsibilities when applying for a taxi, private hire or scrap metal licence.  If you do not confirm that you are aware of the guidance, you will not be issued with a licence.


Licensing service

Municipal buildings, Corporation Street, Blackpool, FY1 1NF
Telephone 01253 478570

The licensing service is available to contact by telephone between 10.00am and 3.00pm Monday to Friday or visit in person by appointment only at the licensing desk at Blackpool Council's Customer First Centre on Corporation Street .