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Space and amenity standards

Blackpool Council's standards for space and amenities in HMOs are to:

  • Ensure households have decent kitchen and bathroom amenities and sharing of them is reduced as much as possible
  • Ensure adequate space is made for storing refuse
  • Set minimum space and room standards in order to reduce instances of overcrowding
  • Establish acceptable management standards that consider the maintenance of fire safety systems, the internal and external appearance of the property and landlord responsibilities for the impact of their tenants on the community

The standards will help achieve the council’s strategic aims, and have been agreed by the 3 Fylde Coast local authorities so that landlords know that they have to work to consistent standards across the area.

Standards in brief

The publication Fylde Coast Space and Amenity Standards for HMOs provides a comprehensive set of requirements. In brief the document sets out that:

  • Accommodation must have adequate means of space heating
  • Kitchens must have adequate ventilation and be fitted with mechanical extract fan, adequate refuse disposal facilities, suitably sited fire blanket, adequate provision of fire doors and fire detection
  • A suitably equipped communal dining room should be provided next to each kitchen facility
  • Shared kitchens must not be more than one floor away from any letting except where dining room is provided next to kitchen
  • Bathrooms must be adequately heated and ventilated
  • Full fire detection and separation must be in place