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Supported housing new phased scheme opening process


Phase 0 - Contact and complete the initial enquiry form (SH1)

Phase 1 - Establishment of Blackpool need, before your enquiry can progress further there must be evidence of local need in your specific client group for the scheme. Our supported housing coordinator will contact the relevant service to check this.

Phase 2 - Planning checks will be carried out around planning legislation and the location of the property to ensure any schemes meet with our local plan. You will then be asked to complete enquiry form SH2.

Phase 3 - Public purse due diligience.  Numerous checks will be carried out by the authority.

Phase 4 - Property visits from houisng enforcement and where required Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service to check the property meets all the required safety standards before any tenants are placed.

Phase 5 - Supplementary evidence request such as details/evidence of tenancy support, rent breakdowns and any voids agreement. At this stage you will be requested to complete enquiry form SH3 and this will be sent to colleagues in housing benefit.

Phase 6 -Once all the above phases are completed tenants can move in and the Housing Benefit claims(s) can be submitted.