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Attendance strategy

A draft attendance strategy has been sent to all Blackpool head teachers, who have been given the opportunity to attend a consultation meeting to discuss the draft and review and amend the information.

A group of heads that represented secondary, special and primary attended the meeting and actively contributed to a final draft being produced. This is being proof read and approved and will be published in December 2014

Attendance policy

A draft policy has been created for schools to consider if they wish to, when developing their school attendance policy.

Service specification

The pupil welfare service has two elements

  1. A core function that ensures all schools have access to  legal proceedings through Blackpool Council and have key information sharing processes to safeguard and promote welfare and attendance at school, a process of register audits will also be included
  2. A commissioned service through the pupil welfare service where schools can purchase high quality support for intervention, safeguarding and legal work  by a fully trained a supervised professional team

The full service specification describes in detail what these offers contain.


Natasha Armstead

Pupil welfare services team leader, PO Box 4, Blackpool, FY1 1NA
Telephone 01253 476478